Had a hysterectomy still in pain

by Jody
(Ontario, Canada)

So here I was an 11 year old girl with stomach pains every month for a week. My Mom thought I was faking!!

Finally that summer my period started and the pain progressively got worse!! Finally at 16 we went to see a gynocologist who decided to do a laparoscopy, and low and behold there it was in plain sight ENDOMETRIOSIS :(

So after surgery I was told "You have endometriosis and will never have children, take some birth control to regulate the periods")

I now have 5 kids (I showed him!!)

But back to the point, after each baby things seemed to get worse and not better as I was told.. I even had pain during pregnancies!!

After #5 and my only boy and only C-Section where I had a tubal ligation done, things got worse!! I was soaking through my pj's and sheets in the nights! Through my clothes!! And I was lucky to get a week OFF from bleeding!!!

So I finally decided that was ENOUGH!! I went to my OBGYN and said "Okay, I have had it, take my uterus and cervix, I can't take it any longer!!!!"

So in May 2010 I had my surgery, we left the ovaries so at 29 I would not have to go through menopause!

Well I had a BLISSFUL year after that!! I started going to a gym, I was losing weight (FINALLY) I was HAPPY!!!

Then in August of 2011 I was hit with crazy pain around my belly button into my right side. They thought appendix but decided just before surgery it wasn't..

So I have just dealt with it.. It never goes away! It is very prominent pain to my lower right side and by my belly button..

I had a laparoscopy done and they removed a cyst and some endometriosis .. But it didn't help!!

I just had another surgery done where they opened my C Section, re attatched muscles, clipped and cauterised some nerves that were touching my abdominal wall, and scraped off a lot of scar tissue.. Well guess what?? Still have pain!!!!!!
And nobody knows why, so I am sinking further and further into depression!!

I do have a spigelian hernia I have been told but have they fixed it? Nope!! They just keep pushing pain killers on me!!

I do not know what to think anymore !! But I am starting to think it is all stemming back to the endometriosis somehow~~

If anyone has had a similar experience, or has any words of advice I would LOVE that!!

I hate not being able to get out with my kids and just ENJOY them!!!

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