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Finally found doctor who knew about endometriosis

by Anonymous

Years of my life wasted because of endometriosis and being female...

For years I have been going to doctors to tell them I was having days off school, and then university, then work because I was in excruciating pain - vomiting, fainting, crippled over and delirious with the agony of my periods.

I was constantly told that every women has period pains and there is nothing you can do and its all in my head.

I eventually found a doctor through family planning who within minutes of my appointment was referring me to see a specialist. She said she couldn't believe it has taken so long for me to be diagnosed - 15 years or there abouts. It was immediately clear to her after my examination and symptoms that I have endometriosis. Finally someone listened!

I am now scheduled for surgery within 6 months. It turns out that due to my history of rape and abuse and subsequent PTSD my physical symptoms of a medical issue were being dismissed as psychological.

Contrary to doctors suggesting my pain tolerance is low, my tolerance is actually very high - people go to ER for far less pain than I have each month, and now I realise that if I had gone to the emergency department and presented whilst in agony then perhaps it wouldn't have take so many years to have my condition taken seriously.

The doctors were not hearing my reports of my symptoms, instead they were being blinded by my PTSD diagnosis and not seeing me as a person fully capable of reporting very real, very debilitating physical symptoms.

If it wasn't for that doctor at the family planning clinic I perhaps would still be going to doctors trying to get them to take my pain seriously and not as some neurotic female condition.

Years of my life has been wasted on so many levels due to being a female. I am hoping that the surgery and the mirena that they are going to fit is going to get me a new lease of life, so I can get back to my career and restore a path of normality in all areas of my life.

I suggest if you are in extreme pain, head to the emergency department and let them see your distress. If you report the problem afterwards they will have no idea what so many of us dealing with every monthly.

Perhaps there is a huge gap in medical training regarding endometriosis and the level of pain and symptoms experienced. Perhaps it is because many of us have been brought up to just put up with it and that its a woman's lot to experience these symtoms.

I wish I had realised so much sooner that it is not something I have to put up with. I hope that this laparoscopy works. I am hanging my hope on it now.


Name: Anonymous


Like your good self, I too was a victim of rape and a history of anxiety and depression. I totally understand where you are at!

I am a sufferer of endometriosis and adhesions and have had lots of ops over the years and investigations.

Many of the GPs and consultants I have seen are
understanding but yes, I do think there is a level of dismissal of symptoms being 'in your head' which is very frustrating.

When you have had confirmed diagnosis through ops and investigations this should not be an issue but I think it does cloud opinions.

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