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Experience with Endometriosis

by Abby
(Chicago, IL)

Query about endometriosis and gall bladder problems

My pain symptoms started three months ago in my kidney area where I was experiencing flank pain. I visited my GP and she suspected I had a kidney infection since I had blood in my urine. She put me on antibiotics and a couple weeks later, the pain returned.

It continued to return until it got so bad that I ended up going to the ER 4 times in the last three months. I was on Hydrocodone and needed to be given morphine to take my pain from a 10 to a 5. Sex is painful, some days I cannot walk, I've missed several days of work and I find that my symptoms sometimes worsen after eating. Does anyone else experience worsening symptoms after eating?

I have had every test done under the sun, MRI of my spine, CT with and without contrast, ultrasound of my kidneys and pelvis, bladder cancer test and your normal blood tests. Everything came back normal except for the kidney US which showed multiple structures that may represent additional cysts on both kidneys.

I then went to my urologist where he explained cysts do not usually cause pain on the kidneys so he referred me to see my OBGYN where she examined me and reviewed my test results. Is it possible that the structures could actually be the endometriosis on my kidneys? She told me she was highly sure that I have Endometriosis and believes I am in the early stages since I can still feel the pain.

I just went to see an endocrinologist today who thinks the pain could be from endometriosis, but also from my IBS or possibly Muscular skeletal. I also was never able to start my period on my own due to an estrogen deficiency and therefore used the BC pill to jump start it.

The plan is for me to try to get my period every 3 months on the pill and if that doesn't work go off of the pill and hopefully see some relief of symptoms.

Has anyone else also had hormone deficiencies, IBS, IC as well? My sister has been diagnosed with IC, which they say is the twin sister to endometriosis.

Also, 2 years ago my Gall Bladder was functioning at only 30% so I decided to have it removed. Has anyone else with endometriosis also have problems with you gall bladder?

Thank you for your support.

Chicago, IL

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