Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis - Where it all started.

by Olivia

Endometriosis and where to begin. It all started when every month I was very, very sick. Throwing up, diarrhea, etc, all of those lovely symptoms. I ended up cutting out meat to help with the stomach upset, but was still sick.

I went to my doctor and was told the symptoms were to be blamed on my anxiety. Which I thought was total bogus, at the age of 16, and left her office in a storm (lol) ... I was barely eating, constantly sick, constantly awake vommiting, etc,.

I ended up back in the doctors office with her continually pointing a 'it's in your head' finger, after taking numerous blood test's, which, all came up normal. Frustrated, I dealt with the symptoms on my own.

Then the pain started. My periods had turned from extremely light to barely existent, lasting only 3 days and basically spotting, then going back to 5 days only medium flow, but pain present all the while, with a low grade fever every time.

As the months went by I noticed a pattern. Fever, headache, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, unable to focus, then pain. Then two weeks later, I would get my period. About every 3 months it gets very bad, to the point where it feels like the flu. I cannot keep anything down, and will wake up with my whole body aching, my lower back especially.

The sickness would start to die down a little once I got my period, replacing it with menstruation stabbing cramps and typical tiredness that came with my period. Every month (about two weeks before my period) I would be in pain and very sick to what I mentioned above, and needed to be hospitalized.

The doctors there told me that they suspected Endometriosis (told by 3 differnet doctors) and I needed to see my doctor for an investigation of tests, which I went back to her for as she recieved the notes,) all of which she ignored (with the reports in her hand!!) again saying it was caused by 'anxiety' which was absurd and infuriated me!

I even brought my mother in who has also watched my experiences to try and talk to the doctor but she would not listen to either of us! I would be laying on the floor in a ball crying from the pain, an extreme stabbing that would start on my sides and trickle down my pelvic area and thighs to the point I could not stand up, throwing up from the pain, and yet I was being told I was the problem for my symptoms!!

The reason why I was anxious was BECAUSE of my symptoms. I was worried there was something seriously wrong with me and I was being continually ignored. I did not want to leave the house because I was always sick and fearful of what would happen if I was not close to home in case the pain started. (It can happen during different times of the month, especially during ovulation, I get sick usually before and after my period accompanied by pain.)

I was even more anxious because what if I was causing them? How could I make it stop? I accepted that she was not going to help me and let it carry on for years. Now being 19 I recently got a new doctor and she identified my symptoms and transfered me over to a specialist right away. (After trying different birth control pills which did not work like the IUD that my body rejected, and the pill which caused my to throw up, the nuvaring etc.).

I was told I needed to undergo surgery to prove Endometriosis and get the treatment that I needed. Success, but far from being out of the woods, but at least getting help and not blamed for my symptoms! My laporoscopy is in 2 months (May 31st 2012) so we'll see what happens!

If it is proven I will be filing a lawsuit against my old doctor, who also misdiagnosed me and ignored me for a few other problems like Severe Anemia and hypoplastic/tuberous breasts which I am also getting corrected. Good luck everyone with your own struggles and wish me luck!

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