Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis - the discovery

by Erin
(Spokane )

I am so glad everyone is sharing their stories of endometriosis. Your openness has helped me so much.

I have had painful periods since I was 13. I was always told that I have ovarian cysts and since they rupture and cause pain that must be what it is. There were months were I took regular trips to the ER to get my pain meds and a physical exam (just what ever virgin wants to be put through) and sent home with a shrug.

When I was 17 it got really bad. That is when my doctor put me on a strong birth control pill and things seemed to get better for awhile. Then when I was 20 the cysts were back and the birth control was changed.

During the change I got pregnant with my son. The natural cure worked for me for about 3 years with regular bc and heating pads. Once a month I was good to go, then just like before, the 'cysts' were back (I mean holly hulk hogan back), and I went to the doctor. This time it was an IUD for me.

4 weeks of non stop pain and bleeding and then nothing, I thought I was in heaven and I never thought about the painful 'cysts' I was having again.

Then 1 1/2 years ago I started having back pain, horrible back pain, and I went to my regular doctor (note to self always follow up with your OBGYN, let's face it ladies, they are the only ones who are even willing to accept that you even have a female reproductive system, let alone treat it).

I was told that I slipped a disk so the pain should go away. Well it didn't, so I had an MRI that showed I have budging disks and those could be pressing on my spinal column causing the pain. So to the spine doc I go. They burned the nerves in my back.

It was good for around a month then I was in the hospital. I thought my appendix had ruptured the pain was so bad. So did the ER doctor and I was rushed to the ct scan, and what do you know, nothing is wrong.

I got into a NEW OBGYN and once again it was called cysts. Well a couple of weeks later and bring on the pain (when they think you have a disk problem they supply you with pain medications - well there is not enough pain meds at the local pharmicy to even touch it).

I call my OBGYN, she came through, had me in the office the same day and did an internal ultra sound. What do you know - I have almost no blood flow in my right ovary and I am having surgery same week. Endometriosis!

I go in for surgery day after tomorrow I am hoping that this is going to take care of the pain once and for all. My sister (who is 34 years older than me) had a hystriectomy 2 weeks before her 31st b day. Well I turn 31 on June 3rd that is just 3 weeks away.

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