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Endometriosis symptoms give me answers

by Debra

I have been searching for answers for a while now, I have had painful periods since day one (12 yrs) and always thought it was normal.

Every now and then I would experience ovulation pain which I also thought was normal as my mother and grandmother also had it. It finally stopped when I went onto the pill (17yrs) but always came back when I stopped taking it.

After my first pregnancy it did seem to worsen, also had aches in my hip and going down my right leg (put that down to the ischias nerve and weight gain) but I thought it was the postnatal depression

Since then I have had 2 children, tried 10+ different sorts of oral contraceptive (every one sends me into depression as well as several other side affects, the last one gave me strong calf pain which is a sign of thrombosis, (will not go there again) over the past 2 years, since I have turned 30.

My period cramps have worsened as well as my period flow including clumps of clotted blood (size of a golf ball) and tissue (looks like lining although not blood strange consistency) and ovulation pain that lasts more around 4-5 days.

It is most severe towards the end which lasts around 12-24 hours. This is leaving me bedridden and in tears as no pain relief seems to help, like sharp stabbing sensation, my uterus feels swollen and tender 75% of the time making sex (which is in certain positions painful and leaves me sometimes in agony up to 24hrs afterwards,) only possible about 2 times a month (does not go down to well with the husband although very supporting, it stresses me.

I have been to my gynaecologist several times about it. He seems to find nothing only tenderness (leaving me close to tears) in the uterus and won't believe my ovulation pains last longer than 2 days. Last time he basically said it was in my head but I know it is not.

I know the symptoms of depression in my own body and this is not it. He gave me a blood clotting medicine for my periods and told me to go and see a psychiatrist!

Since my last ovulation (5 days ago) in which I experienced severe uterus cramps which felt like it was on fire, I have now rectal pain making it uncomfortable to sit, and when I have to go it feels like I am going to have a prolapse.

I don't want to go to the doctor as I feel I'm being brushed off and no-one seems to be listening, and this makes it so frustrating!

Should I go see another doctor? I am looking for advice, Thank you.

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