Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis still after 30 years.

by Anonymous

Many surgeries for endometriosis as well as a hysterectomy

I got my periods at the age of nine. I always had very painful periods. By the age of 16 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

I had so many surgeries I lost count. By the time I was 24 my endometriosis was so bad and I was so swollen I looked like I was pregnant.

I was rushed to hospital for an emergency hysterectomy and I had 37 staples. I have since had more and more surgery for endometriosis and I am still suffering badly with endometriosis pain and I am now 46 years old.

I don't have any children. I feel now that a hysterectomy was not the answer but back then, that many years ago, doctors did not know anything else.

I have been on hormone replacement therapy for 22 years and have been going through a natural menopause for the past two years.

I am now on a very very high dosage of natural progestrone to help slow down the endometriosis. I also take DIM in the mornings as my testosterone level is extremely low. Its very hard to keep going through this but you just have to keep going.


Title: You have suffered for so long

Name: Sara

I am so sorry to hear what you have been through because of this disease. What makes it worse is that most people do not know about endometriosis or have even heard of it.

I have been diagnosed for 3 years now and trying many different treatments, but I will not be having a hysterectomy at any cost, because I keep reading over and over that a hysterectomy does not help.

I hope you can get some sort of relief, and maybe the natural menopause will help. Stay strong xx

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