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Endometriosis stage 4

by Natalie
(Cornwall England)

I have been suffering with this awful pain symptoms of endometriosis. My gyno put me on an injection but I cannot stay on it as it makes your bones week.

My problem is I have three level disc disease. Blocked tubes. Fibroid. And my bowel stuck to my womb.

Today I've been put on a waiting list for a full hysterectomy, removal of ovaries and womb. But my main concern is my bowel stuck to my womb as my gyno is worried too.

I've been told its a slight chance but I could end up with a bag. Which he says can be reversed. If all goes to plan but we won't know till they open me up.

Then I have to worry about been flat on my back for so many hours, plus recovery time. I'm 39, married and unable to have children. We've always wanted children but due to my complications with everything it wouldn't happen.

But I'm scared as I don't want to have to live my life with a bag. I know some people do, but I think this would tip me over edge.

But my endometriosis is so painful, I've really got no choice. I don't suppose anyone else has had to go through what I will be going through in four months time.


Title: Endometriosis stage four

Name: Anonymous

Hello, I'm a 35 year old woman who has gone through it all. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was about 27 years old when I had my tubes tied. About 3 years later I had a hysterectomy because the symptoms had become so bad, but left 1 ovary.

I have since had 2 laparoscopies, the last one I had told my gyno that when I had a bowel movement I would get stabbing pains, she said it could be attached to my abdominal wall. I went in for the laparoscopy, and she confirmed that in fact my bowels were attached.

I did not have to have a bag, but I'm not out of the woods. I'm going back next week to see if once again I will have to have another surgery, this time my gyno may take my remaining ovary.

This endometriosis causes many problems with symptoms and cramps that I feel when I don't even get my period. Well I would just like to wish you luck, I hope it works out better for you than it has for me.

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