Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis returned after less than 3 months

by Ashley
(Fort Lewis, WA, USA)

3 surgeries to remove endometriosis scar tissue. 2 surgeries to remove ovarian cysts. At least 10 different birth control pills, shots, patches, and rings. 4 rounds of Lupron. 5 years of physical therapy for my pelvic floor. 17 years of pain.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was told more times than not that the pain was in my head, or that I shouldn't be in as much pain as I was because my endometriosis wasn't too bad. Yet my pain was so bad at times I would go into a cold sweat and faint.

The symptoms effected my daily life. I couldn't hold a job due to the times I'd have to call in sick or leave. I was miserable. I just wanted to hear there was a possibility at normalcy, at being almost pain free.

Finally, February 7, 2013 I had a total hysterectomy. I still wanted my ovaries, I'm only 29. I was absolutely informed the surgery may not take my pain away. I knew that by keeping my ovaries, I risked it coming back if any endometriosis cells were still in my body.

About 4 weeks ago, I was informed that not only had I had endometriosis, I had had adenomyosis as well. The doctors were all smiles being able to tell me that I was right all along, pain wasn't in my head. I felt wonderful!

Then 2 weeks ago the pain started again. The emergency room doctor said I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. 1 week ago, the doctor on call told me my endometriosis was more than likely back.

I'm lost. I'm in pain and I just want it gone. I knew the risks, I did. I was just so sure, so damn sure that I would finally be pain free. I was wrong. Nothing works.

I go tomorrow to discuss my situation again with my ob/gyn and come up with yet another plan of action. I'm going to hear how ibuprofen or aleve should work just fine on my pain. I'll be told to take 3 gabapentin instead of 2 a day to help control symptoms.

I'll be reminded that narcotics are bad and I do not require them. Then it'll be suggested that I begin my 5th round of Lupron injections. They never worked before, "but please, just humour us" will be said on a sigh.

I wish all others luck. I hope your experiences with treatments are better than mine.

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