Endometriosis returned after 10 months.

by Anonymous

I have suffered with endometriosis since I began my periods at 12 years old. I was told it was in my head, something I had to put up with (like all women) and that it was IBS.

I was finally being diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 27 whilst doing my degree.

I have had numerous laparoscopies and consider myself very lucky that I managed to have one son. I finally decided I couldn't cope with the pain any more and had a total hysterectomy in January.

The surgeon removed my remaining ovary (the other one removed due an endometrioma several years before)and uterus.

It was a relief and the pain of the operation wasn't too bad. I thought I had my life back until last week when I started getting pain on the right side of my belly button.

I know that during the hysterectomy they found bowel involvement so thought 'it's back!'.

Went to the GP who sent me straight to hospital as he thought it appendicitis. I told him I thought it was the endo as I had no other symptoms ie. temp or sickness.

However still went to hospital and sat in depressing ward for hours and all they did was give me an abdominal x ray - I'm not sure what that was supposed to do!!

I'm now wondering what I do now - do I put up with it or go back to consultant and end up having more surgery. It really never ends....

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