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Endometriosis pain in tail bone

by Jeni young
(Kent )

I've had 2 operations to remove endometriosis now and am positive it's come back. The last 2-3 years my pain and periods have changed a lot. The last 4 periods have been all extreme pain across my bum cheeks, well I guess it's the tail bone.

It hurts to stand, sit, lay on my back! I have to live on pain killers for about 5 days a month during my period then when it comes to ovulation that's agony as well. That lasts for 2-3 days each time.

The last time I saw the consultant at the hospital was 2 years ago he just said if I wanted kids then I'm not in the position to leave it any longer and to go away and get pregnant (it didn't sound that harsh coming from him though).

At the time I was bleeding for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of the month, and had only been with my partner for just under a year then, so it didn't feel like the right time.

We are now getting married in August this year and we are very keen to start a family ASAP mainly because of my endometriosis and the percentage of some ladies not being able to conceive.

I am scared to try in case it doesn't happen and I want to go back to the specialist but you all probably know how hard that is with doctors just thinking we can't handle a period!

Does anyone else get this "bum" pain? Sorry for the long rant, but knowing you all suffer and understand what it's like makes it a little easier to talk about. Thanks for taking the time to read. Xxxx :)

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