Endometriosis pain in tail bone

by Jeni young
(Kent )

I've had 2 operations to remove endometriosis now and am positive it's come back. The last 2-3 years my pain and periods have changed a lot. The last 4 periods have been all extreme pain across my bum cheeks, well I guess it's the tail bone.

It hurts to stand, sit, lay on my back! I have to live on pain killers for about 5 days a month during my period then when it comes to ovulation that's agony as well. That lasts for 2-3 days each time.

The last time I saw the consultant at the hospital was 2 years ago he just said if I wanted kids then I'm not in the position to leave it any longer and to go away and get pregnant (it didn't sound that harsh coming from him though).

At the time I was bleeding for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks of the month, and had only been with my partner for just under a year then, so it didn't feel like the right time.

We are now getting married in August this year and we are very keen to start a family ASAP mainly because of my endometriosis and the percentage of some ladies not being able to conceive.

I am scared to try in case it doesn't happen and I want to go back to the specialist but you all probably know how hard that is with doctors just thinking we can't handle a period!

Does anyone else get this "bum" pain? Sorry for the long rant, but knowing you all suffer and understand what it's like makes it a little easier to talk about. Thanks for taking the time to read. Xxxx :)

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Endometriosis nightmare
by: Whitney

I have had 2 surgeries this year because of painful periods. My first surgery was in January where they removed my uterus and tubes but left my ovaries because they were ok.

1 month late I started getting all symptoms of my cycle and started bleeding again, yes without a uterus. In June my doctor realized I must have endometriosis somewhere acting as my uterus and reacting to the hormones from my ovaries. I got a second opinion who also confirmed endometriosis.

So I underwent another surgery to remove the endometriosis. To my surprise 2 months later my period was back with severe abdominal pain and more intense coccyx pain. To make a long story short I went to a specialist who determined I had more endometriosis that was missed and a decent amount of scar tissue so another surgery is needed.

I also discovered that my original doctor was not very thorough and needless to say I won't be going back to him. Next surgery scheduled for November 11th.

Don't lose hope
by: Anonymous

Hi There

I'm 35 with a 14 year old son. 3 years ago my husband and I decided to have another baby. We were both very young when I had our son and I wanted to finish college and be financially secure before we added to our family.

I got pregnant straight away and we both were so thrilled. Then Xmas morning I had a miscarriage or so I thought. 6 weeks later and daily visits to the hospital they finally told me it was an ectopic of unknown location. The doctors couldn't finds the pregnancy so I was given a medical abortion. It was heart breaking.

7 months later we tried again and again and again, nothing happened. I finally had a laparoscopy, a d& c and 2 other procedures I can't remember what they were. That day I was told I would not have any more children without ivf.

I had endometriosis, one tube was totally blocked and the other one was so damaged it wasn't much use. When I researched it all the pain and coccyx pain made sense. Most months over the last few years I couldn't even sit down or stand up with it. The pains in my Lower back was unbareable. Nothing helped.

2 months later we had an appointment for a fertility clinic and the week before I found out I was pregnant. It was a very stressful pregnancy cos both of us were so worried everything would be ok. But everything was perfect and now we have our 2 month old princess and I also have all the pains back.

But I don't care. I will put up with it and every day I look at her in amazement. I would die for her. Don't lose hope anything and everything is possible xxxx

Endometriosis pain in tail bone
by: Anonymous

Yes, I get that pain too but mostly across my tailbone. There are a few yoga postures that help so that I don't need to take medication. Though my husband and I figure that nearly half of the month is taken up with bleeding and pain. I did successfully birth two kids though two miscarriages were had as well. I am looking forward to menopause years.... Good luck with it all!

Who is punching me?
by: Jen W

I definitely know what you mean. I often say it feels like someone is punching me in the butt cheek, which then leads to radiating pain into my hip and leg. This after I've had a complete hysterectomy. Endometriosis returned after that too...apparently I breed the stuff.

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