Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis or not? Either way herbal remedies help!

by Unhappy
(Concentration camp Southaven MS)

Life stuck in a loop of doctors. Over 100 ER visits, referrals to doctors more so lawyers, part of DeSoto Baptist's (Southaven ms) money market scam. Doctors who lie, steal, cheat, and literally get away with murder, as they are exempt from proper guidelines. They injured and killed so many people until they're funding was cut. They are exempt from ethic guidelines as long as they cater to children, mental illnesses, veterans, etc... this is more of an angry rant, so forgive my rudeness. This health condition is making me so mean.

All they do is blood work and CT scans. Period. Over and over, even if you had the same test the day prior. Refuse to admit people. Even the head nurse told me not to tell my medical history, because "they are not equipped for that, just point to where it hurts, they only can deal with trauma, and I only listened to your story because I was being "nice"". My story was the reason why I was there!

Well the doctors almost killed me from that hospital, and my baby doctors from Moga associated with that hospital. Too many times to count, from sheer pride, greed or ignorance. After giving birth, and a year with a 4cm kidney stone, they are like: Oh your kidney hurts? You think it might be blocked from a stone too big to pass? Well let's pump you full of fluids to make sure we make it swell up, not even bother to check your kidney and x-ray your lungs and EKG your heart. Then they got mad after 3 weeks, they couldn't release me due to blood pressure, while they refused to give me medicine my doctor ordered me, pain relief, or any tests I requested to check for stones since I have had 11 surgeries, just for that reason.

So after a stool of solid blood, and 2 years of unbearable stomach pain, countless needles stuck in my spine, and too many horror stories to count, I try again at this worthless hospital who diagnose me with drug withdrawals and mental disorders. Simply because they REFUSE TO LISTEN TO MEDICAL HISTORY, OR EVEN LIFT A FINGER. I would have abnormal tests every time, pregnant in blood but not in urine, thyroid problems one day, none the next.

Finally fed up, I drive all the way to Arkansas, to see a healer who is known to be so accurate that people travel cross country for pay what you can medical advise at a herbal remedy shop. He told me I had a cyst in my fallopian tube, causing all my problems, and I would need to have it removed. Also he gave me a herbal supplement that really helped! I'm in so much pain I can hardly eat or sleep, or pick up my baby! This has been constant for over a month. Really 2 years or more.

So stupid me, not having insurance, went back to MOGA. The only reason I went, was to have an ultrasound. They lied, took my money, said that the ultrasound would positively absolutely show any and every cyst (fallopian tubes do not show up clearly on imaging only fluids). When I saw the doctor, he said I would have to come back the next month for the ultrasound (they had told me when I paid, I was going to have an ultrasound). And then after the ultrasound the next month, I would have to have another appointment for Endometriosis. Then when I confronted them for lying and stealing my money, I told them I was calling a lawyer and I did.

I wrote an apology afterwards, after learning the only way to sue a doctor is if they try to save your life and accidentally fail. But they can lie, cheat, steal, and take advantage of someones lack of medical knowledge to con them out of thousands of dollars, that is legal. Also,they sent a letter in the mail, to make sure I knew I was banned from their clinic. I would rather die than give a penny to people who literally kill and hurt people physically, financially, and emotionally. They are bullies.

I literally feel like I am giving birth over and over again, periodically throughout the day. Is there any real doctors who will just take all my lady parts out. I have been to almost every other specialist in the book. Each just run the same blood tests as the ER, take another xray, ct scan, mri, how many do i need? I have to be glowing with radition. My first time taking ambien didn't even phase me, went 10 days straight with no more than 6 hours sleep. Anyways. I don't know how to forgive Hitler followers! This is a genocide! How do we the people let the FDA poison our food, water and medicine? Yet flip cars over a president who does not have as much control as the CDC FDA and DEA.

Moral of the story, trust nature, and only the good doctors. Not the scammers/lawyers/killers.

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