Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis on spine

by Aylin
(Beijing, China)

I just passed a horrible crisis, the most horrible I ever had. Started after ovulation process was stopped. Started with a moderate pain of cervical area ( nothing unusual for me as for years had cervical spinal pains when weather changed or for other conditions).

I started to take anti-inflammatory pills but with no help. I had a fever of 37 every day and 37.5. The pains of cervical area to the middle of my back was very bad that I did not sleep for 5 nights. I was only able to sleep on my back position without a pillow under my head.

I just kept my calm and was waiting to see what happened. I also started antibiotics because I had ( as a coincidence) a sinusitis that smell bad. I thought all the pains are from sinusitis, but not! I notice that no medication has any effect over that pain and today, when I got my period, all the pains stopped!

I realised it is endometriosis on the spinal area....... I never thought I will have it there too... This after happened 2 years ago another problem of spinal area, but on the lumbar region and I thought it was a violent disk hernia, but again, on MRI, doctors saw nothing !

I had excruciating pains at that time on the lumbar, unable to walk for almost 3 months. It was happened only one time, thank God and I hope this time was only the single time for cervical area. I am afraid what will be next ???

I have not had a Hysterectomy and I would never agree with it. Many people tried to convince me to do it at 28 years old, but I didn't! I am 33 now, not married and I hope to have a child in future if it will not be too late, God knows.
Wish you all good health and be calm with this illness... It is a long way we have to walk on until we reach natural menopause...

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