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Endometriosis never went after hysterectomy

by Patrice Savage
(Atlanta, GA)

Hello My name is Patrice. I am 28 years old and I have never been pregnant. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis October 2010. My life was never the same after that.

Well, I had my hysterectomy and it was HORRIBLE!!!!!! I would say I healed but that would not be the truth. I wanted to commit suicide cause I could never have children and I felt this feeling of being in a pitch black room all alone, unable to see where I was.

I actually felt like a waste of space. I know there is more to life then producing children because I am in school for Computer Forensics, but I just feel empty at times.

When I am out and about, I see children and it just brings tears to my eyes. Well I went back to the doctor for my Post-surgery appointment.

To make a long story short, my hysterectomy didn't help my Endometriosis at all. It only made it worst!

So, here I am, empty, childless, depressed, suffering, and at times unable to move because of the pain.

Thank You for reading my story.


Name: Annabel

Title: Please do not feel this way

I am not sure if my comments will help you but hopefully they may give you a little ray of hope. I have had endometriosis for 27 years. Happily I do have 2 children but I have suffered 8 ops, the last being total hysterectomy with both ovaries removed.

I am in the same pain ..... Actually worse.... and totally unable to feel anything inside. Sex is now out of the question and I am worried my husband of 22 years will start to look elsewhere .... I may even help him to find a lady as we always had an amazing sex life and I do not want to deprive him of this.

I am so desperately sad that I have lost my woman hood, but I have been able to find self worth again by caring for underprivileged children and taking in unwanted and rescued animals.

I cannot imagine how you must be feeling but your life does have meaning and you can make a huge difference and bring happiness into this world with out being a mother.

I hope this may help you a little.
All kind wishes
Annabel x

Title: I Understand Your Pain

Name: Anonymous

I'm exactly where you are as far as the hysterectomy is concerned. I was diagnosed in 2009 and have had another laparoscopy this year too. I have been through two rounds of lupron. I think I've been through every type of pain medication there is to treat my symptoms.

My doctor is trying to hold off the hysterectomy because he knows I want kids. At one point I said I will adopt or use a surrogate because the agony is just too much and it's affecting my life.

I was just in the ER a week ago because of a 3 day headache, fever, and severe dehydration. This endometriosis is tearing my body apart and wearing me down. I'm so sorry that you feel the way you do. There's is definitely more to life than kids.

I know it's not the same but there are precious little kids out there that need homes. I wish your doctor would have tried to hold off for you or even gave you the option to freeze your eggs. I wish you the best in your recovery.

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