Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis & Hysterectomy at 24 years old

by Allana
(Berkeley, CA)

My painful experiences because of endometriosis.

I am a beautiful, happy woman. Well.....not really . At 21, I had a cyst on my right ovary & a abcessed fallopian tube. Agonizing pain and 1 year later I had them removed. This was in the 70s. 8 months later, I was in more pain again. My bowel was adhered to my bladder by scar tissue from the first surgery.

#2surgery. Then a year later, I was in more pain. Cut me open 3 times. Now I'm only 24 at the time. I really wanted 10 kids! !My dream to be a Mom ended that day when they removed my uterus,and cervix and 3/4 of my right tube.

But, I was so happy to be out of pain!!!! For awhile.

Throughout my life I have been in pain with intestional stuff. IBS, Spastic inflamed Colitis, Diverticulitis etc. I've been in a lot of pain for the last year. Lost over 20 lbs. Can't eat much. Lots of cramping and pain.

Today, I went to a Dr. who said I probably am suffering with ADHESIONS and a possible obstruction in my small bowel from them. And or my abdomen could be full of Endometrial cysts that migrated there.

I'm having a cat scan on Tuesday. So, Im writing all this because I was in my 20's when all this began. Because of it ....I went on to become a Holistic Health Educator and Nutritionist.

I've let my immune system fry the last 6 months. Working too hard. No appetite or just too busy to eat regularly. It is a body mind spirit thing. You must take good care of yourself always. My relationship has been very stressed. So, I'm very stressed.

We can all heal. Its a matter of your commitment to yourself and the process. We can all relate to that.

I know for a fact that if I knew then what I know now, and have access to now, that didn't exsist before, I would be healthy today and a great Mom. I would never have had that surgery!! There's a ton of alternative therapies. Such as those outlined in this great site.

Please don't let them take your uterus. Fight it w/ information, education, support, research and believing in your self. DO THE WORK> IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!!

I wish I had another chance, but I was young, in pain and took their word for this is the only alternative. There are lots of ways around this situation today.

FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM < & HAPPINESS. I pray you will win in the end. As I write this to all the annonomous women out there contemplating 'is this all there is?' The answer is HELL NO! You have ammunition. Find it and use it.

Bless your life. It is so precious. I know, I'm 60 years old now. Can't do it over again. They don't give uterine transplants. Hold on to your body...It's yours forever. Keep it healthy and strong!

God bless you all. Allana

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