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Endometriosis has taken over my life

by Safiyyah
(Chester, PA, U.S)

I have had chronic endometriosis symptoms including severe cramping during and after menstrual cycles to rectal pain & diarrhoea. It began so aggressive & severe that I instantly noticed there was a problem.

The cramping started very young & the chronic diarrhoea started during high school. I initially noticed that I would have daily bouts of diarrhoea accompanied with excruciating pain & yellow bile in my stool which instantly drew concern.

When I first addressed a dr about it, bowel specimens & several other blood tests were irradicated & lastly an unneccessary removal of my gall bladder at age 17. For a few years there was relief but unfortunately that didn't last. At about age 22, and a married college grad, I was more than eager to start a family, but despite all of my best efforts we weren't at all successful.

However, during this time we assumed we had found a glimmer of hope when I missed my menstrual cycle. Eager, I went to a free clinic because my husband's health insurance hadn't become effective. After having my hcg levels tested I sadly was informed that my missed period wasn't a pregnancy at all. My uterus had shut & refused to open resulting in a collection of blood.

Doctors decided to poke a hole in my uterus. I was misled to only find out later that this was a cyst! After the cyst had been improperly cared for my symptoms worsened & multiplied by ten, increasing my current pain from severly intense to crippling!

My marriage came to a screeching halt due to my infertility. The diarrhoea, the bile, the rectal & vaginal cramping, pains throughout my body, vomitting bile, heavy bleeding, increased pill consumption, depression, all took a toll on my life!

I was unable to eat without passing my food shortly afterward. My life had become a total nightmare, until the lupro depot shots. Consequently, the shots are administered over a six month period, during which my menstrual cycles are discontinued. I've just recently reached my six month limit, but the symptoms are returning one by one with a vengeance!

The first symptom to date is the rectal, vaginal, & lower back pain during defecation, cramping, & diarrhoea. This has made me very pessimistic where relief is concerned! I just don't believe that this is at all treatable anymore.

I'm losing hope with every returning symptom & future fertility! I am now 30 years old & I think they've incorrectly diagnosed me for much too long! I am a hopeless soul wishing miracles truly happened!

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