Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis following hysterectomy

by Samantha
(Sierra vista az)

My name is Sam and I'm 27 years old. After years of suffering from chronic ovarian cysts the last option was a hysterectomy. I had to have everything removed but my ovaries.

Doesn't sound too bad except my body refused to heal. I lost half of my left ovary due to the softball sized cyst that was removed, and ended up having another surgery two months later to repair a torn cuff(the newly made "cervix" from the hysterectomy). It's been a year and in March I started having extreme pain again.

I had a diagnostic scope and it revelled that my left ovary had attached itself to my intestinal wall. The doctor also found multiple polyps in the uterine cavity. Biopsies were done and it confirmed that I had endometriosis.

I was shocked to say the least. I felt like every step that I had taken to get better had yanked me right back into a worsening state. I felt as though my body was fighting me every step of the way.

It is beyond frustrating knowing that regardless of how hard I have tried to be proactive in my life, my body continues to fail me. But I won't give up, I refuse.

I may have to have other surgeries and this stupid disease may slow me down but I'll continue to push forward and fight to become healthy again.

I deserve more and so do my husband and kids. Woman need to understand that while this disease is life changing it is not debilitating.

My options may be slim at this point but regardless of what I have to try, I'll do whatever it takes to start to feel "normal" again.

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