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endometriosis destroying immune system

by Lauren
(New South Wales, Australia)

Where to begin with my experience of endometriosis?

I've had painful heavy periods from the beginning. The doctors told me I was crazy and that I didn't need to see a gynaecologist, and that I was suffering from hypochondria.

Eventually I got the doctor to send me to see a gynaecologist, who soon diagnosed me with endometriosis and follicular cysts on my ovaries from a laparoscopy.

He burnt it out and I had recurrent upper respiratory infections afterwards for about a year. I was then referred to see an immunologist who said there was nothing troubling. I then suffered panic attacks and anxiety and have been on anti-depressants since.

A year later I was diagnosed with GERD. 6 months ago I started getting hives which I originally thought were dust mites. 6 months later I have just had my first appointment with the same immunologist and he reckons I have chronic urticaria so I just have antihistamInes for the rest of my life.

Mind you, six months ago I started to feel my endometriosis coming back. I'm beginning to blame endometriosis for all of it and I've had enough!!!!!


Name: Anonymous

Title: New To Endometriosis

I just had my first laparoscopy a few days ago. After suffering through terrible cramping during menstruation, painful bowel movement, bloating, increased need to urinate around the time of my period and a lot of built up frustration at the constant discomfort, I was finally treated for endometriosis.

I also suffer from panic attacks and as a child was more prone to colds and flu's than most of my peers. I feel that with a problem like this the treatment requires a holistic approach where the heath of the entire body is considered.

Our organ systems are not entirely independent from one another and stress on one system can cause an imbalance and create other problems. I can relate to the feeling that your entire body is malfunctioning, but I also think that through proactive treatment and commitment to one's health we can shake the awful symptoms and lead happy healthful lives. We just have to be relentless!

Name: Kelly

Title: Thanks for advice

My aunt who has had endometriosis said that I probably have it too. At first just ignored it but cannot do this any longer. About a week before my period my gallbladder starts to contract which I think is weird. Then I am so bloated and tired and miserable nobody can be around me very long.

I have always had very heavy and painful periods but have just noticed this miserable pattern this last year. I am 39 years old. Feel too young to be this damn old lol. Please help with any comments. I do not have insurance and it has been 7 years since I have seen an obgyn. But any advice would help.

Name: Anonymous

Title: So much discomfort

My endometriosis started 2 years ago whilst on holiday. I didn't urinate for 3 days, my stomach swelled so much I had antibiotics, as trying to urinate was so painful.

Eventually I urinated more after 3 courses of antibiotics but the pain didn't stop there. I had bad pelvic pain and was sent to the clinic to test for a PID which came back negative.

I was then sent to see a gynaecologist who gave me a prostrap injections of which I was told I could only have for 6 months maximum. I have now been on them for 12 months. I was told by 2 gynaecologists that I would need a hysterectomy. I went for my pre op to be told I would have to wait 4 months and have 4 further more injections.

I was called up by the hospital then to say that it would not be possible to perform the operation as it would not cure me and that key hole surgery and laser surgery would be best.

I am due to go in at the end of May this year. I can't wait as I have suffered so much pain and feeling down with the injections, night sweats, mood swings, no sex drive. I just want my life back

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