Endometriosis story

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Endometriosis and living with it

by Penny
(Huntington, wv)

I've been living with endometriosis since I was 13 and I am now 22 years old. I was finally diagnosed in 2010 after being hospitalized for what they thought was pelvic inflammatory disease.

After several rounds of antibiotics for seven days 24 hours a day I almost died. I had the laparoscopy procedure my doctor recommended, and he said that it would be the best option for me. I was told the disease would not come back.

Unfortunately after about three months of feeling great after the surgery, it came back. I've always had problems with my hormones and my doctor failed to check my hormone level before he prescribed hormone replacement therapy.

After about a week of being on the HRT I went crazy and I became suicidal. I cried all the time. I would just sit and stare into space. I called my doctor and the only thing he could tell me was that I had to deal with it. Needless to say I never went back to him.

After living with endometriosis for nine years I've learned to manage my pain with little to no pain medications. On a bad day I might take some ibuprofen.

Since taking the hormones I've never been the same. I still have mood swings, I'm still cranky, my skin is horrible. I break-out so bad now. I've lost my health insurance at work so I haven't been able to go to the doctor in almost a year now.

Everyday is a struggle. I recently became engaged, and even sex has become an issue. If I know it's going to happen I can take some medicine before hand. But you don't always know when it's gonna happen lol.

I also suffer from infertility. I've been told by several doctors that it is impossible for me to have children. I've read some places, that say that pregnancy is a "cure" for endometriosis. The disease is such a burden that I can't even work out now. Anytime I do physical activities the pain really becomes intolerable.

It seems like it's getting worse with age. Which is sad seeing as how I'm only 22. I have a severe case. It has grown in my abdomen, around my bowels, my lungs. Anyone have a quick fix? Cause I'd give my left ovary for it ;)

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