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Endometriosis 1 year after hysterectomy

by Maggie
(Crown Point, IN USA)

I had a full hysterectomy (everything taken) 1 year ago. I have been sick as a dog since -----have gained 35 unexplained lbs. ---- and continue to have more severe endometriosis pain than before the surgery.

NO I would NOT encourage anyone to do this surgery. My life has been horrible since .... I missed so much work during the year I nearly lost my job ---- if I'm not working I'm in bed --- I am currently seeing an endometriosis specialist to see if he can help ...... he thinks I have it everywhere including liver/kidney area.

None of this was cleaned up when I had my hysterectomy surgery. I was an in shape 51 year old & now a fat, sick & lifeless 52 year old (feeling like I'm 93!)


Name: Krista

Title:You're not alone

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I am in the exact same boat, only I'm 30. I had the surgery 10/2011 and feel worse than ever! Missing out on life, work 3-5 days every week! Missing my 6 yo son grow up, football games, my hubby, life! It is awful!

I have been to 2 different doctors including the one that did my surgery and several ER visits only to be treated like a junkie wanting pills! That is so not the case! I tell them to look at my chart before I had the surgery and they will see I didn't take as much as a Tylenol before, now I'm living in hell!

I'm glad you found an endometriosis specialist. Is she/he local to you? I'm in Northern KY and desperately needing some help before I loose it completely! I know it doesn't help you feel better knowing you are not alone, but perhaps we can chat online or offline to share stories and offer advise.

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