Endometrioma, not Cancer

by Ann

Never thought I had endometriosis, thought it was normal to have painful periods along with diarrhea.

First ER visit by ambulance (had severe abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea) doctor told me it was a gastrointestinal bug - x-ray taken, shot of morphine given, sent home - happened again a month later - waited out pain, didn't go to hospital.

Happened again following month, did go by ambulance again, CAT scan finally ordered - told I had a mass (cancer) - emergency surgery that night - surgeon took 2 feet of small and 2 feet of large intestine and appendix.

ook 2 weeks for test results to come back - not cancer, it was an endometrioma (was wrapped around my intestines - had been there for years). That was January 2010, I was 47.

I am fine now, take Micronor. Still get light periods and have no side effects from Micronor. I was unhappy with the medical system as I knew that my severe abdominal pain and vomiting was related to my period as I was always having my period when this happened but no one would listen until it was too late.

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