Endo & PCOS

by Alicia
(South Africa )

My 14 week old baba

My 14 week old baba

When I started my period's at 12 I was told its normal for it to be erratic, it took 8 years of getting my period twice a year for my doctor to refer me to a specialist who put me on Yasmin birth control to regulate my period.

It worked and I've been regular since. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes last year and was given oral medication called Glucophage, within 6 months of being on the Glucophage with an endometriosis friendly diet my cramps were no longer as severe and I was able to conceive.

I'm now 4 1/2 months pregnant with mine and my husband's first child and I am delighted. Keep the faith ladies, God has a plan for all of us.

It turns out that my endometriosis wasn't even endo, just undiagnosed untreated diabetes. The meds I'm currently on (Glucophage) even helps for weight loss and fertility as it stimulates the ovaries, so check and see with your doctor.

Please keep my baby, me and both of our health in your daily prayers as I will pray for those of you who are suffering.

God bless

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May 23, 2015
All My Prayers With You
by: Sarah

This is one of the most inspirational stores I have heard about TTC. Even though I am not into this stage of life, but I really would like to have a baby (a lot of them for that matter LOL) one day.

I don't have painful periods, just got my ultrasound which showed clear ovaries and uterus, but I am super scared as I am about to marry my honey in a year or so and we would immediately like to start TTC. We both are pretty young (Me 23 and Him 28), so I guess it would be not that difficult but who knows :(

I wish you all the good luck, may you have a successful, uneventful, safe and memorable pregnancy, and be blessed with the cutest baby ever. Please remember me in your prayers too. Stay blessed.

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