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Endemotrosis pain continues to get worse after total hysterectomy

by Denise Drake Mc Stravick
(Downpatrick. Northern Ireland)

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis after having a laparoscopy at the age of 19. I already had a baby girl when I was 17. I soon learned how blessed I really was to have got pregnant. My gynaecologist told me that the Endometriosis was bad and that they lasered a lot of it away from my ovaries.

He suggested a hysterectomy or I could have ivf but said it would be very unlikely it would work but that I could at least try. I was only 19 and had already had a baby. I didn't want to have another baby this young and was afraid to have the hysterectomy in case I died.

The doctor said I shouldn't take long to decide and could have the hysterectomy whenever I was ready. My doctor put me on the pill (Cerazette) not as contraception but for the pain I was in each month. When I turned 21 the pain had got more frequent.

My Gynaecologist decided to do another laparoscopy where again they found some Endometriosis. After surgery he gave me little to no hope of ever having another child. I told him I wanted to try the ivf as the thought of never having another child devastated me.

I was 23 when I received the letter to start my ivf but hadn't been feeling well. My mum suggested a pregnancy test just incase. I was pregnant nearly 4 months. I was completely shocked as was my doctor. Two years later I was refered to a Gynaecologist from London who specialised in Endometriosis.

After his examination he told me that ivf wouldn't work and that I should now consider having the hysterectomy as the Endometriosis had progressed so much you couldn't see my ovaries. I was still afraid to have a hysterectomy.

By the age of 30 I was to open my new beauty salon but was rushed to the doctors where my whole body had swollen. The doctors suggested a pregnancy test. YES I was pregnant.

I was 38 when again I found out I was pregnant but this time the doctor had said the baby must be in the fallipian tubes as it couldn't survive in my womb. She called the hospital for me to have emergency surgery. When I got there the doctor scanned me, he wanted a second opinion and got another doctor who confirmed my baby was in my womb by now the doctors were amazed.

I was Ecstatic. I had the best pregnancy ever. A year later I had a total hysterectomy and since then the Endometrosis has got out of control. I have been in pain weekly and unlike a lot of women who have said they experience pain in their abdomen this was never the case for me. My pain is in my rectum (bum), I never had abdominal pain.

I can only describe this pain as someone stabbing me repeatedly with a very sharp tip knife. As I write this the pain has started and will get faster so I won't be able to write as I will soon be screaming out loud like I'm giving birth, it really is that bad.

I have yet to find any tablet or treatment that eases or takes this pain away. I will go back to my doctor on Monday 4th January 2016 to see if there is an operation I can get in my rectum to remove the rest of the Endometrosis.

I have now been off work since last christmas as this pain has taken over my life. If I had gone through having the Hysterectomy I would never have been blessed with the 3 children I had after my diagnosis. I am so happy I kept my womb as long as I did, suffering with the pain of Endometrosis was worth it.

Please if there is anyone out there with answers or needs me to answer any questions please let me know I would love to help anyone with this awful disease. Thank you for reading my story. I hope it helps even 1 person out there.

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