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Doctors not helping with pain

by Jozi Faulkner
(United Kingdom)

Concerned these symptoms are endometriosis.

I've been trying to get the doctors to do something about my abdominal cramps for about 2 years now. I'm only 17 so they don't want to listen to me.

I suffer from severe pain during intercourse, menstral cycle and throughout the month. My back is in constant agony and I suffer from ibs too.

They found a 5cm cyst on my ovary and removed it. The symptoms didn't go away and I went back and they're telling me that the gyne said there's no need for further investigation so they won't listen to me!

If I'm in this much pain there's reason to investigate. I had the implant out thinking it may help with the painful irregular periods and it's just not happening. My mom had endometriosis and she suffered for 5 years of constant operations.

I don't want to go through what she went through. Can anybody help me by telling me if this could be endometriosis and how to get the doctors to listen?


Name: Anonymous

Title: I understand your concern

One thing that may help your symptoms until you can find a doctor who knows about endometriosis is hormone therapy. Birth control can stop your periods and help alleviate your symptoms temporarily, depending on how your body reacts to it.

But you have to choose a method where you don't take that one week break to allow your period. If you choose bc pills, don't take the pills for the last week. Instead start a new pack after the third week. The depo is another choice, but be careful with that as there is a chance that you will bleed for longer periods of time (I bled for a full 3 months).

The important thing is to find a specialist though. I'm not sure what state you are in, but Milwaukee, WI has a lot of specialists in endometriosis. I hope you find a form of treatment that will help you.

I have been dealing with it for over 10 years and no treatment has been successful so far. So finally I'm getting a hysterectomy. Good luck to you.

Name: Original writer

Title: Still not listening.

The pain is getting worse and even though this may be considered as TMI the pain is spreading to my anal area now. I came on a couple of days ago but I didn't get cramps alerting me, I just had shooting pains going upwards from my vagina and anal. :/

It's getting worse but I have decided that I am going to change doctors and I'm also going to try to contact the gynie that my mother had and see if he can help me. I don't know if you can self refer in the UK but there's no harm in trying right?

Name: Anonymous

Title: Keep on the Doctors pain medications means something is wrong

At the age of 17 I began having really bad pains on my right lower abdomen/side. This went on for many years when doctors told me 'oh it's just really bad menstrual cramps' over and over... they never did any tests etc..

Finally after changing doctors many times, I told this one doctor that the pain I have been experiencing must mean something and that he is in the position to do something.

He had me do a sonogram which only showed darkness, so surgery for an endoscopy was scheduled. During the endoscopy he found lesions, fibroids and a ruptured cyst/fibroid. The surgery which should have been under 2 hrs turned into about 8 hrs.

Anyway my point is that you have to do some research and go to the doctor prepared and demand that they look into the symptoms and rule out other conditions until they find out what is the issue.

Good luck.. I still suffer from Endometriosis. I am now 45, I have tried Lupron, birth control pills etc. I found a really good N.P and we are now looking into better management of this condition.

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