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by Grace
(Kent, England)

I am 19 years old and was diagnosed with Endometriosis last October when doctors suspected my symptoms were due to appendicitis. It was my second laparoscopy as it was thought I may have had Endometriosis a year earlier but they decided I didn't.

At the age of 17 I had a cervical polyp removed, and since then I have had sharp pains in my cervix that get worse as my period gets closer. After all the problems I have had and being told so many times that "it is unusual to have a polyp at 17" I now feel that the polyp could have been an adhesion due to Endometriosis.

If anyone could please give me advice as to how I can stop these horrible pains - it gets me down so much!

I also suffer from random severe abdominal cramps - I have tried all sorts of medication and have not found anything that works, anyone have any suggestions??

Thank you!


Name: Anonymous


I have been prescribed Norethindrone 5mg, 3 pills before bed and all my pain seemed to disappear. I have been on it a year with mild side effects (it's a progesterone hormone). My doctor said I could try 2 pills and see what happens, so I did and the pain returned the next day. I will continue the 3 pills a night, and hopefully continue living a pretty normal life that way.

The side effects that I experienced most were acne (Dermadoctor brand cleanser and acne serum fixed that), night sweats, and hot flashes. The 3 pill regimen stopped my period after one month, and I love that aspect! I had to look up "pelvic pain specialist" online to find just one doctor in the state of AL that could help me after several other doctors didn't seem to have a clue.

Name: Rachel

Title: Alternative Therapy May Help

I am 17 and I just got officially diagnosed with endometriosis. I completely understand how some women have reported symptoms of anxiety and depression. I have gone through this and still have problems once in a while with my depression. It may sound unrealistic, but yoga can really help.

It relaxes you, gets rid of stress, and can balance your immune system, etc... Another therapy that might work is reiki. It is an energy therapy that promotes healing and gets rid of pain. I now have no pain most of the time because of it.

I suggest reading more about it if you are interested. I also suggest taking only medication YOU think you need, not your doctor. I was mis-diagnosed and a doctor gave me medication that caused nerve damage to my stomach that took months to heal.

Be careful, remember it's your body. I found patches in the drugstore that you can stick to your clothing and it is like a heating pad, or icy hot patch. Thank you to everyone else who has posted, you are of great help.
I hope this helps!

Name: Anonymous

Title: Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis when I was 27. It was very severe and lead to a complete Hysterectomy. I too was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. For all the ladies out there suffering with endometriosis I know this can be scary at times. It sure was to me and still is for that matter.

When I was diagnosed I learned that the scat tissue (or adhesions) were throughout my entire reproductive system, resulting in a full hysterectomy. Not only was the scar tissue there but it had also attached to my bladder and my colon.

During my operation to remove my female organs they had to also reconstruct my bladder and colon. This can be a very serious disease, it was for me. It can be life threatening, so seek help if you feel you may have an occurance happening with your endometriosis.

I am still learning of the other areas of the body that this disease can go. I have high hopes that this disease is made better aware of and the affects it has on people. It is truly very hard on the body at times. God Bless you all, I hope

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