Endometriosis story

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Didn't know I had endometriosis

by LA Davis
(Gilbert, AZ)

Didn't know I had endometriosis...I had been told for several years that my fibroids were so large, my uterus was the size of a five month pregnancy. My Gyno, every year at my annual, asked if I was sure I wasn't ready to have that hysterectomy.

The x-ray techs always looked shocked at how big my fibroids were and I had 5 to 6 throughout my uterus. Then they found a cyst on my ovary. My doctor asked that I come back in three months and at that point referred me to a gyno-oncologist because the cyst was growing quickly.

Went to see him on a Tuesday and he wanted me in surgery ASAP and told me that he would not know if it was cancer until they got inside me. I had my surgery the following Tuesday and it was a complete hysterectomy taking out fallopian tube's, uterus, ovaries and cervix ... all done by a da Vinci robot.

My uterus was so large that he did not know if he would be able to use the robot or would have to cut me open, but he told me he would try to save one of my ovaries if he could. When I woke up I found out they were able to do the robot, but barely and they were not able to save either of my ovaries.

That's when I found out that there was so much endometriosis that my ovaries were stuck to the bottom of my uterus and my uterus was stuck to my bowels. Endometriosis was everywhere and it was a hot mess in there.

I spent one night in the hospital and I think I took a Percocet the first night home, but after that never anything stronger than Advil. I never went on any hormonal replacement and have done OK without it.

My Mom had estrogen dominant breast cancer so I didn't want to take a chance taking estrogen. I do have some slight bladder incontinence when standing up from the toilet and my biggest/worst symptom is insomnia.... and it is pretty bad I must say.

I have also since been diagnosed with IBS which I think I've had all my life. Right now I am having bad pelvic pain which started yesterday and I thought I had a bladder infection but went to the doctor today and they said I do not have a UTI.

So I'm on the Internet trying to figure out how I have pelvic pain when I have no organs in my pelvis anymore. Wondering if endometriosis can come back?

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