Diagnosised 1 week before my 21st birthday

by Paris
(Ann Arbor, MI)

Ever since I started having periods, pains of cramping have always been severe. I missed school every month, and when it was that time I knew I would be on the floor curled up holding my stomach and on the toilet throwing up.

My mom never understood how much pain I was going thru and would get very upset with me for missing school. I started my first period when I was in the 6th grade 2 days before Halloween.

I even remember 9 years ago that even at that time it was painful. I remember growing up that I couldn't wait to start my period, I would wish and wish.. But I now have learned be CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

Anyway, I probably been to around 7 OBGYN appointments, and ultra sounds, and not once have they brought up Endometriosis. Until myself and my hubby tried for a couple years to get pregnant and being unsuccessful.

My doctor prescribed me 50mg of clomid, and it over stimulated my ovaries resulting in 3 cysts in 1 month. :(

My doctor was going to put me on b.c for a couple of months but he referred me to his buddy at an infertility clinic. I was on a board for women trying to get pregnant on clomid on a particular site for about a couple months. I happen to describe the pain I would go thru each month when I had my period, and someone brought up that it sounds like I had endometriosis.

Back in my mind I was like 'no way' but when I googled the symptoms it had me really thinking. Any way a couple days later I went to my appointment with the infertility doctor & told him I may have endometriosis, he did an ultra sound and boom, right away he told me my fate, exactly a week before my 21st birthday.

I was so upset, that 1. That my OBGYN couldn't tell after all those ulta sounds and 2. Really, instead of being pregnant over the course of 3 years, I have something that's stopping me. It was very hard to cope with but I scheduled my Laparoscopy for June and finally came to agreement with my self there was nothing I could do about it.

My mind was getting to the best of me, and when I would consistently think 'wow there's something in my body and i have 4 chocolate cysts', I started experiencing different pains and bloating which seemed like everyday.

I ended up re-scheduling my surgery for May 8th 2012 @ St. Joseph Hospital and I'm hoping god can cure me and I can finally come in peace with my body and have a child of my own.

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