Endometriosis story

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Diagnosed with endometriosis at 14 years old

by Jennifer
(Atlanta, GA)

I haven't seen anyone contribute with this type of history, so I'm hoping to help young women who may have this disease.

During my first cycle at 14 years old, I was hit with pain that literally put my body in shock and I was rushed to the hospital. They initially thought that my appendix burst and, after many tests, found that the pain was coming from an ovarian cyst.

When I had a laparoscopy done a few months later, they gave the official diagnosis of ovarian cysts with endometriosis. I am now 28 and have obviously had a long, complicated history with this disease.

I will say that during the years, I have found out that both my mother and grandmother had the disease. As I'm nearing the age of having children myself, I can only pray for a boy so that my child does not go through the same debilitating pain. Unfortunately, I am at the end of possible treatments.

I was on birth control for over ten years, which I have discontinued due to high blood pressure problems, and have had three laparoscopies done in total. I haven't given up hope though and have decided that after I have children, I will immediately schedule a hysterectomy.

My mother had one in her late 20's and has never looked back. This disease, as we all know, is extremely frustrating but can be dealt with. For those able to take birth control, I highly recommend it as it helped manage my pain levels.

Also, make sure to get regular uterine ultrasounds, this helped me a few times when ovarian cysts became too large to let them resolve themselves. (I know this is an endometriosis site, but ovarian cysts often coincide with endo too.)

Another tip is to visit a fertility doctor or obstetrician. Since they are helping women with infertility, often caused by endometriosis, they can spot the symptoms much quicker. I wish you all good luck and that you are able to get the right diagnosis.


Name: Sarah Rose

Title Diagnosed at 12 years old

I was about 9 when I first got my period and had extreme pain and heavy bleeding. When I was 11 I saw a gynaecologist and my mother pushed and pushed for an exploratory operation.

I was 12 when he finally agreed to it and he did the exploratory to find I had endometriosis. I am now 15 years old and going to an endometriosis clinic to see if I can have another exploratory because I'm in extreme pain even though I am on 2 types of ''the pill'' for the pain. I believe its better to get on top of it before it gets much worse.

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