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Diagnosed with Endometrioma in 2013, severe pain the last week

by Kristen
(Philadelphia, PA)

I was in and out of the Emergency Room back in September/October - December 2013. I was diagnosed with bi-lateral cysts, the one in my right ovary being an Endometrioma or what Doctor's referred to as a Chocolate Cyst.

I have followed up with my gynaecologist every 6 months but they've just been doing ultrasounds and "following up" without the option of surgery.

About 6 months ago I had an MRI of my abdomen and my gynaecologist and an oncologist was certain it's just an Endometrioma.

I have had painful periods since they started when I was 12. I've been getting ovulation pain since for the past 6 years - one gynaecologist told me it was because I was overweight and to lose weight, I lost over 100 pounds and it hasn't helped.

The cysts in my left ovary ruptured over a year and a half ago but I still suffer from the Endometrioma in my right ovary (I'm not sure of the exact size as I do not have my medical records available at the time). I've always gotten pain a few days during ovulation and during my period, but this past week (9/24 - 10/1) has been horrible. The pain is excruciating and nothing is relieving it. As I type this I do so with a heating pad.

I thought it was due to constipation, but I've been having bowel movements, when I lay on my back I can see a bump about the size of a lemon sticking out the right side of my abdomen. Every time that I eat or get full, the pain gets worse.

The pain has gone into my back, down my leg, my hip, in my pelvis and has caused shortness of breath.

I'm not able to get an appointment with my Gynaecologist until November, but I can't live in this pain and fatigue, and not being able to do much of anything.

Is it possible it has grown?

I'm honestly considering going to the ER in the morning to get answers and see what's going on.

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms? Has anyone had an endometrioma grow? (Mine has been the same size since October 2013 based on my last Ultrasound in March)

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