Diagnosed with endo can take charge of my own health

by Tessa

My health changed drastically after my first child, Devin was born. I have always been very healthy, the type that rarely got sick. When I finally started menstruating again after my son was born, my periods were harsh and I would get flu like symptoms with them. I figured it was normal, my body was bouncing back.

I got pregnant with my second child when my son was only ten months old. I had a second great pregnancy and labor. I was complete, I had a son and daughter - who were eighteen months apart.

This is when things started to get severe. Once a month I would get "food poisoning". It would start with nausea and quickly turn into vomiting and diarrhoea. It would usually last twenty four hours.

I was very confused and became very anxious every month awaiting the next episode. I started to notice it was usually before my periods which had become intense, with heavy bleeding, cramping and soreness in my vaginal region. As my periods got worse, over time I became depressed and anxious.

It seemed like my health was deteriorating and I feared the worse. Did I have cancer? I started going to the doctor and having every single test known to man performed on me. I was desperate and determind to find out what was going on. I was simply sick of being sick.

No answers. The Doctors constantly told me I needed more rest - I was just stressed out. I left every appointment in tears, losing faith in doctors altogether.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, researching online for hours and hours. I diagnosed myself with an acidic PH balance and immediatly upon drinking ph balanced water and turning into a vegan, my sickness started to fade away. My periods were not only managable but I no longer had vomiting spells. I had never been so happy.

At first, I was a die-hard ... following a strict vegan lifestyle. I guess I got comfortable because I slowly allowed coffee and non vegan sweets (my two weaknesses) back in- moderately. I have stuck to the elimination of meat and dairy however. To my dissapointment, some of my symptoms came back. Fortunatly, I never got the "food poisoning" symptoms again but a lot of bowel troubles (constipation and diarhea), severe cramping, swollen vagina, pain during intercourse, heavy bleeding and clotting ... I really thought I had cured myself, I started to think I was just extremely sensitive to certain foods. I cut out almost everything out of my diet while my family was raising their eyebrows. I seemed a little obsessed. I questioned myself too. Did I really have to be so strict?

Never once did any of my doctors, in the three years I saw them, diagnose me with endometriosis.

It was not until I was introduced to a family friend who is an ER surgeon has this ever come up. Because I was desperate, I sought out the courage to ask her if I could explain my symptoms and attempt to get her opinion. I told her my situation, partly in tears and she gave me the most direct answer of Endometriosis. She was certain.

I went home that night and got chills down my spine as I read through this website. I have been teary eyed for a few days, not because I am scared (it could be something much worse) but because I am overwhelmed with joy. I finally have an answer, after three years of medical bills, anxiety, depression, embarrassment, pain, fear and uncertainty.

I am in the process of gearing up for the endometriosis diet, a new lifestyle that I am ready to embrace. I feel betrayed by the medical system, all the "medicine" I was prescribed..all the tests performed..and the whole time it was a matter of diet. A recomendation to a plant based, ph balanced diet is always better than no answer! And I didn't even go to college.

No matter what ailment you suffer, food should be a part of your medicine. Not only do I have hope now, but I have learned a very important lesson at the age of 30..Take care of your health, nobody else will do it for you.

** Side note: As I think about my period history throughout my life, I think that I have suffered from endometriosis long before I had my children. I think my pregnancies made it worse. I can't wait to talk to a specialist and find out if that is a possiblity.

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