Endometriosis story

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Damaged left tube caued by endometriosis but conceived naturally

by Arwa

Hey everyone,

I am glad I am being able to share my story ..

I have been operated for endometriosis in 2012, an open surgery when I wasn't married. Doc told me that I was supposed to get married at the earliest and plan a child immediately.

The following year I got married. Mean while I was kept on injections and medicines.

My husband and I din't want to plan our child but left it to god. After 6 months of trying I was detected with teddy bear cyst on both the ovaries. .

I had to go thru laparoscopy in which my uterus was t shaped and my left fallopian tube was damaged completely.

It's been a year and half of trying since then. I went thru iui as per docs advice ..then went to ivf specialist ..in which my blood count for amh was undetectable ..quantity of eggs..I lost complete hope.

I was told to go for egg donation. Which is more traumatic at just 23 years old and ivf wouldn't help ..my husband and I thought for waiting for a few months before we would try for one ivf cycle.

I was told I have 0 % chance to get pregnant naturally..but guess what I conceived naturally that month itself ...I am two months pregnant ...and its really a miracle ..miracles do happen ...have faith in god and always pray ..he will give you a child

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