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Could I have endo???

by MSL

I am 19 and only have periods once a year, if that. Between my first and my second one was 23 months, then it was 5 months, then 15 months.

It has so far been 6.5 months this time. I have pain in between cycles but there is no rhyme or reason to it.

Sometimes I have throbbing in my sides (mostly my left) and sometimes I have pain in my lower abdomen which can be a dull ache, or a stronger pain.

I went a year and a half (between first two) without any spotting. Then off and on spotting for 5 months till I reached my doom of 23 months. Surprisingly, for as long as I go in between cycles, I only bleed between 7-9 days.

It starts out slow, gets "rough" and then slows down. First two were the worst. My 15 month one was not as bad as I thought it would be or I thought it should have been, which alarmed me to some extent.

Again, I spotted once a month (roughly 40-50 days in between) once I hit 10 months before the 15 month distance. This past year, I noticed moodiness and some depression and anxiety (who wouldn't be anxious?) and some fatigue that is off and on.

I am not sexually active so do not know about pain during sex. I got backaches after first one and before second one. Sometimes I feel bloated. Never been to a doctor.

Also this fall, I seem extremely sensitive to cold. Have very hard time adjusting to temps. Do you think it is endo or something else? I have some symptoms of endo, but period cramps have not been debilitating yet, so I do not know.

Only other thing I currently suspect is maybe thyroid issues. An advice?

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