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Constant pain symptoms all day

by Daniella

My symptoms of endometriosis have been so bad have had to go to ER.

I have been reading through some of the stories on this site and have been taken aback by what I have read so far.

My story isn't very long but I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me or give me some advise.

It started in may 2012 when I began getting very sharp stabbing cramps in my abdomen, (I'm not good with seeing doctors so I took some meds and tried to avoid it). After being in agony for two weeks my boyfriend made an appointment for me to see my GP.

Whilst at the doctors he gave me an examination and did some blood tests, basically pin-pointing that I may have a ovarian cyst, which could be treated easily. He would call me in the next few days to discuss my blood work.

A few days past and I received a call from the doctor informing me that I was pregnant! (a surprise to both me and my partner), and we decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Later on that week I was woken in the middle of the night to the very sharp stabbing pains which had gotten worse. I was taking into E.R and seen by doctors pretty quick. It seemed like they didn't have a clue... they didn't think I had a cyst and that it was probably appendicitis.

I was kept in over-night and pumped with medication until I could see a gyno and have an ultra sound. Everything came up all clear and that I had a small cyst due to the pregnancy and that the discomfort I was feeling was normal, making me feel that I was exaggerating my symptoms.

One week later I passed out at work and was rushed back to the hospital were they did a few blood tests gave me some meds and sent me home..... at this point I was furious with the health system as I'm not Australian, I am British on a visa here.

The following day I went for my check up with the midwife to have a scan and to talk to her further about my symptoms (I was 10 weeks pregnant at this time) she had mentioned that the baby wasn't developing properly and that it had a weak heart.

Still obviously having a cyst she told me basically not all pregnancies are fun and some people have pain, so believing her, as after all she is a doctor, I went home and put up with the distress.

I visited her again 2 weeks later for a further check up to find on my ultra sound that I had miscarried at 12 weeks and was taken for a D&C. After that I was at home for 1 week recovering and in worse pain then ever.

I went back to work as my boss was giving me hell for being off so much and she couldn't understand what I was going through. With all the pain I was feeling, not only losing a child but dealing with the constant stabbing aches in my abdomen.

I went back to the midwife 2 weeks after for an examination where I expressed the severe agony I was in, and all she could say was that it seemed I may have pulled a muscle in my abdomen from returning to work so early, and put me on anti inflammatory drugs and antibiotics (which I had a very bad reaction too).

Again 1 week later I passed out at work from the pain and was taking back to E.R where I waited for 8 hours. They did a blood test and they gave me some pain relieve tablets and sent me home (with the canula still in my arm).

At this point I was furious with being in and out of hospital, thrown between 5 different doctors who all thought I was exaggerating my symptoms, so I decided to go home and live with it and take pain killers everyday.

4 months past where I was in constant agony everyday, it got to the point were I was struggling to walk, do my job (massage therapist) and having intercourse, it was all so unbearable.

I decided to go back to my original GP who has now suggested that he thinks I have endometriosis as I have all the symptoms
- constant pain
- back aches
- pain during intercourse
- increased need to urinate

I have a laparoscopy booked in 2 weeks, but I'm worried what they are going to find and what's next. I'm only 23 and I'm worried that this will affect me being able to have kids. My partner is being great and very supportive but I feel so bad for him, I have been complaining everyday about my pain for the past 6 months (I know its not as long as some people have suffered, but its not something I want to have to suffer for years).

If anyone could talk to me I would greatly appreciate it as it is very new to me.

Thanks for reading



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