Endometriosis story

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Conceived despite serious Endometriosis

by Linda
(Bham Al.)

I always had terrible cramps with my period when growing up. I was a majorette in high-school and sometimes it was so hard to perform and pretend everything was fine. Sometimes my stomach would swell so much.

Then when I finished school and time went by, I became engaged and got married and later decided to start a family but I could not get pregnant.

I went to one doctor and he wanted to do a hystrectomy first thing. I said no and would get another opinion. I went to three doctors in all, and the last was a fertility doctor.

By this time I was having a lot of pain during and at the end of my period with pains going through me all the way. The last doctor said he thought it was endometriosis and he wanted to do exploratory surgery, and if it was real bad he would have to do the hysterectomy, but if it was possible he would try to save what he could.

By that time I was ready to do something and prayed to God things would turn out alright. Well I had the surgery and they had to remove one ovary and work on my tubes. The doctor said it was a bad case and we would have to wait and see if I could get pregnant or not with one ovary.

One of my fallopian tubes was in bad shape because of the endometriosis. He said sometimes the egg crosses over to the other side. Well several months after that I did become pregnant. I was so happy!!! I was married seven years and finally a baby girl. We couldn't be happier!

So never give up! Find a doctor who is patient and listens to you and tries other ways before a hysterectomy. I hope one day a cure is found for endometriosis.


Name: Alicia

Title: Thank you

Hi there all the way from Sunny S. Africa

Your story has given me hope. My GP just told me 2 days ago I need to see a gynaecologist for treatment as like my sister, my womb is attached to my bowel, causing almost constant pain.

Your story has given me hope and I can now tell my fiance that I will try everything in order for us to have the family we dream of.

If you need to talk to someone, or just looking for a friend, email me on alicia_hare15@ymail.com

Take care and kiss your baby blessing!

Name: Hope

Title: Trying to have a baby with endometriosis

Thank you for giving me hope. I had a miscarriage last year. Doctor told me later on this year that I had a melon sized cyst on my ovary, which had popped in the surgery room. I went back 2 months later to the hospital and they tell me that I have endometriosis.

I used to have so much pain but after the surgery for my cyst. I am no longer in pain, but am still wondering if I can get pregnant still. We tried getting pregnant before Doc told me I had endometriosis.

So right now just waiting. I haven't had my period this month, and am 4 days late. So let's pray and hope, that this will be a miracle and hope to other's. That even with endometriosis our faith and hope we are able to have a baby.

Good luck to all women everywhere going through the same issue. God bless you all. Keep your heads up..:)

Name: Anonymous

Title: Hope

I read your story. Thank you for giving me hope. I am also suffering from endometriosis. I am trying since 7 yrs. I have undergone 2 laparoscopies and 7 IUI's. Recently my last IUI also failed. I was very depressed and when doctor conducted my sono they found again chocolate cyst on my left ovary.

Doctor says this can be due to the estrogen which he had suggested as this tab helps to thicken the endometrium lining which is good for conceiving. I was very depressed as again most likely will have to go for a laparoscopy next month after my period. After I read your story I am feeling nice and again motivated. Thanks .

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