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Bloating is the worst endometriosis symptom

by Anna

As many of you have experienced, I had seen many doctors prior to finally getting the diagnosis of endometriosis.

At that point, this doctor recommended a full hysterectomy and I was all for it, since I had been through so much already and thought that this would be the answer to my problems.

I felt completely better for 9 months, and now my symptoms have come back. My symptoms seem to be different than many other sufferers because my pain is relatively mild.

But, bloating has changed my life. It sounds so trivial, but when you are extremely bloated and uncomfortable all the time, you can become pretty miserable and unhappy.

I have lost weight because not eating makes the bloating more bearable. I have tried all kinds of diet changes: cutting out dairy, cutting out wheat, cutting out corn products...and nothing has helped.

I worked with a Chinese herbalist for a few months as well but it didn't help. I am suspecting that I have GI endometriosis. I am planning to see my doctor again this week but am realizing that there may be no easy answers for me.

Do any of you have this problem with severe bloating and have you found anything that helps?


Title: Maybe Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Name: Kirsty

Have you thought it might be Irritable Bowel Syndrome as I know many sufferers of endometriosis can also suffer from IBS. I realise you have had a hysterectomy, so obviously hoping that endometriosis is no longer the cause of your problem.

I think the digestive system can take a severe knock because of this disease and can be caused by all the pain medications and drugs that are taken over the years.

Try a Pro-biotic to see if this helps to soothe and repair the natural flora of your gut. I suggest this as you have tried cutting foods out of your diet and still suffering. Hope this helps

Title: Bloating

Name: Anonymous

You may have endometriosis on your colon. My doctor in Houston says that IBS is another word for BS. (basically IBS is unexplained bowel problems).

I have endometriosis of the colon and it forces me to stay on the birth control pill full time so that I never have a menstrual cycle. It controls the problem but I have gained 10 lbs and 4% body fat since I've been back on the pill. No win solution.

I've been trying to lose weight for many years and the only time I was successful was when I got off the pill. But dealing with the endometriosis on my colon is a major problem for me so I'm back on the pill.

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