Endometriosis story

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Barley living with Endomitrioses

by Carla Wilson
(Canada BC)

I was 9 when I started my period and only 12 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I collapsed on a regular basis and was kept home for days in agonizing pain.

I was too young to take anything other than Tylenol or Miadol which gave little no relief. At 13 I went in for my first surgery to shell out a large cyst from my left ovary. This was done rather than removing it to prevent scaring .

In the following years I had many laparoscopy surgeries to remove scar tissue. By the age of 15 I was self medicating with marijuana. I started by smoking it then found eating it had greater result's.

I than conceived my first miracle at 17. I can only assume what you might be thinking ( that's too young) well I can tell you that at that age when your told you can't have a child and all of a sudden you are given that window of opportunity ....... you take it.

And omg am I ever happy I did. I was 18 by the time I had my beautiful baby girl. I was so blessed and thanked god for her every day and then came the day I went for a dr visit. It was only because I felt as though I had a bladder infection . Turns out I was pregnant again :) I had a wonderful second birth and a new baby girl at 19. You could only imagine how fortunate that I felt to have not one, but two baby girls.

It was only 3 months post partum when I became rapidly ill in a matter of a few hrs. Thank god for home visits from the health nurse. I was rushed up by ambulance. Completely unaware when I woke up that I had had an ovary and fallopian removed. The endometriosis had completely smothered it and caused it to burst . :( I felt so sad and confused.

The endometriosis got worse and at the age of 21 I lost a child and was told if I try again I may loose my life. The doctors felt at that time that there was too much damage and to have my uterus removed. Unfortunately it was not a decision I had no part in. It was either do it or suffer further complications. I had no choice :(

I came out of surgery feeling like I was missing a huge part of my body. I cried for days, months and years grieving of the loss of my uterus. I found it hard to go out and see another pregnant woman or a new born child. It made me ache inside.

And the entire time I had no one to talk to because it was still not a known disease. I am 32 now and even after all the surgery in the world I still lay here writing this in my bed in pain, cautious to get up so as not to tare more scar tissue from the endometriosis, or cough the wrong way without holding my tummy.

My girls are 13 and 14 now with their birthdays coming in march :) So far they both have normal periods and check out fine. I'm grateful to know there are more people talking about endometriosis and more information about it. In hopes of a cure yours truly
Carla Wilson.

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