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Are these symptoms endometriosis

by Analee
(New Zealand)

I have lots of symptoms that make me feel like it could be endometriosis.

I am 16 and about 2 years ago I got extremely severe period pains that began a week before my period came. The doctor thought it was endometriosis but after a rectal examination and bloods came back and said it could just be one of those things.

Since then I have had fairly painful periods, the symptoms begin at least 12 hours before it comes, I spend a lot of time outdoors and often come down with period like pains centred in the same place each time.

I am constantly tired all the time and even after a good nights sleep still feel exhausted. I always have a blocked/ runny nose, cough, phlegm in my throat, and other allergy like symptoms. Every now and then I get sharp pains in my shoulder ( on the same side a the period pain) that takes forever to leave.

My periods are irregular ( sometimes light, sometimes heavy, even none at all). Also I have very frequent dizzy spells that cause everything to go black ( and occasionally cause me to collapse) - don't know if this is relevant.

After reading the information on this site it has made me piece together what I go through and hopefully come to a conclusion.

I really want this to stop because it is affecting my schooling and I have big exams coming up sooner rather than later, and I work every Saturday morning.

Please, if someone with endometriosis is reading this and has had similar symptoms let me know so I can go to the doctor!

This is really draining me of all my energy!!! PLEASE HELP!!!


Name: Ellie

Title: Similar symptoms

Hi! I'm not sure how long ago you wrote this post but I'll reply and see if you or anyone else sees it. I seem to have similar symptoms to you, my periods are extremely painful, not every month, but there seems to be no pattern.

Within minutes of waking up of the morning of my period I am on the ground in agony, I start sweating and have a fever, and once when I tried to drink some water and paracetemol to dull the pain I vomited it all up. One time I went for a run in the morning and had a dizzy spell, couldn't walk straight and collapsed on someone's lawn and vomited.

I have had tests done and my doctor doesn't know what it is. It's so frustrating and I've researched all avenues of possible diseases but nothing seems to fit quite right. I had many of the symptoms of TSS but no rash and my pain only lasts for 2-3 hours of the first morning of my period, never any longer, whereas TSS tends to be from day 2-5 I think.

So not sure if this helps at all but just wanted to let you know I feel where you're coming from, let me know if there is any progress on your situation!


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