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Are my symptoms from endometriosis?

by Anonymous

Hello everyone,

I am 22 and wondering if my unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms could be from endometriosis. During the past year and a half (and worsening all time) I have been dealing with nausea (sometimes extreme) but no vomiting, sour/upset stomach, frequent bowel movements (now to the point of diarrhoea). I have had several test (abdomen ultrasound, upper endoscopy, HIDA scan) and the doctors haven’t found any reason for my symptoms.

I have always had painful periods usually slight cramping a few days to a week before bleeding. I have always had diarrhoea the first day of bleeding and constipation following (both creating pelvic pain during bowel movement), but I just thought that was “normal” now after reading up about endo I’m thinking otherwise.

I have had lower pelvic pain (right side only) on and off for the past few years, my primary doctor dismissed it as ovulation pain. I started on birth control pills about a year ago (because of getting married); the pill did help ease the period pain a little.

When I got married and started having intercourse I feel pain during and lasting about an hour afterwards. My GYN did a pelvic exam and said she didn’t feel anything abnormal, so she said it is probably is because I’m not used to it yet and have to get “broke in” and it will go away with time.

Then I switched pills (due to headaches) I was the same the first month on the new pill until I missed my period (not pregnant), then about two weeks before my next scheduled period I starting have extreme cramping and had the most painful period I have ever had.

After that period I went off the pill, I stopped cramping for about 10 days and I have been cramping ever since, my next period came and went and I’m still cramping every day (it’s been a month of cramping)! I have been having the pelvic pain more frequently; also still feel pain during/after intercourse (I’ve been married 6 months now).

Does this sound like it could be endometriosis?

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