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Age 32 when I got my diagnosis of endometriosis

by Lee-Anne
(United Kingdom)

I recently just found out I have Stage 3 endometriosis & now only have 1 working tube. 2 years ago I decided to stop using birth control, then approximately 8 months after I began having irregular bleeding, mid cylce bleeding that eventually became very painful and unbearable during menstration.

My first expereince with the pain was so severe that whilst I was trying to empty my bowels during my period the pain in my back & pelvis was so chronic I fainted and gave myself a black eye when I hit the floor.

My husband took my straight to A&E where they done a pregnancy test to rule out that I may be having an ectopic pregnancy. After my period ended I visted my GP to tell him the pain that I was experiencing, very heavy long periods, clotting, chronic pain, sickness & fatigue.

I was given cocodomol to reduce the pain and was told that I was one of the unfortunate ones that suffered from painful menstrual cramps.

I carried on as normal but then would be struck down every month with the same pain which was getting worse. After each period I would vist my GP again in tears, begging that something get done as I couldn't bear the pain & misery any longer.

I did get to see a GYN 3 months later who did an internal examination for STI's, chlamydia etc (which were all clear) they sent me away.

Over the next few months I kept going back to my GP who prescribed metafamic acid, tramefacmic acid. I also got sent to get an untrasound scan to check for any cysts.

Again this came back normal. I finally became very anaemic and was put on a high doze of iron tablets for 3 months. Over this last year I have been to A&E 3 times sreaming in pain, crawling along the floor thinking I was dying, it has been horrendous.

Also for the last year my husband and I have been trying to conceive but with no luck so far, but now I know why. Last month my friend came round to my house whilst I was laid up in bed during my period and witnessed the pain I was going through and forced me to go back to my GP as it was not normal.

The following week I went back to my GP and demanded another referral to GYN, she done this with no hesitiation. I got my referral then phoned my private health care and got an appointment within 3 weeks.

After my laparoscopy & dye surgey I was told I have stage 3 endometriosis and my right tube is badly damaged with scar tissue and they are unable to operate on it. They also found a cyst that had ruptured in my ovary.

My GYN has told me that it may still be possible to get pregnat but unlikely to happen naturally. Obviously this has shaken me to the core, I have been crying uncontrolably. I feel angry, scared, uncertain about my future and very alone.

I hope one day that I will be able to be a mum, I need to stay strong and believe that a miracle may still happen. Although my diagnosis has only taken approx a year it really has been a year of torture and hell.

Not once was endo ever mentioned to me by my GP which concerns me, who else is suffering with this disease and accepting it is period pain. In fact I didn't know what endometriosis was until all this pain started.

I don't know how long I have had endo for, being on birth control for 12 years may have masked it, I will never know.

Thanks for reading my story.

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