Endometriosis story

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9 surgeries since hysterectomy

by Brenda
(Eaton Rapids, MI,USA )

I had problems since age 13, after having my kids at 17 and 19 my periods never went away. Doctors told me i was crazy it was all in my head.

I gave up and dealt with it. At age 22 found a good doctor who finally listened to me and after going though months of different treatments and now having my period for 3 1/2 - 4 years i was done.

Agreed to the hysterectomy and he removed everything but one ovary. For the next 5 months everything was good.

Then ended up in the ER for bad cramps. They did an ultrasound and my good and last ovary had a cyst on it the size of a golf ball.

Surgery scheduled for a month later, they went in and found the cyst had grown to be bigger than a chicken egg that quick and they removed more endometriosis.

Since then i have had to go in 6 more times for endometriosis removal. After last surgery doctor told me he wouldn't do any more surgeries.

But i am still in pain and its getting bad, don't know what to do any more. If i know it was going to be like this i never would of had the hysterectomy


Name: Anonymous

Title: Chinese herbal medicine

Hi, just wanted to ask you if you have tried Chinese herbal medicine? I have seen amazing improvement in my health! But I have also totally change my life style - firstly I stop taking my hormone medication (which were making me very sick) and have replace it for Chinese herbal medicine.

I also change my diet and have started doing gentle exercise or when I am in too much pain I try to get the Traditional Thai Massage with Herbal Compress.

I have had endometriosis for 11 yrs and I'm sick of it! I have had a very hard year, but I can finally start to see the light and I'm fighting very hard. I wish you all the best with your healing.

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