Endometriosis story

  These stories can help other women so they do not feel so alone when trying to cope with effects of this disease.

3 years self diagnosed

by Marie
(Bakersfield California)

Using support of a Naturopath has helped Marie to keep on top of endometriosis

At age 15 when I had my first menstrual period I was in horrific pain. I thought this was normal, and went three years without pain killers.

As internet became the means to finding the latest info,I began my search for an answer to my pain. I came across endometriosis, and knew right away this was what I had.

I found the only doctor in town who advertised the treatment of endometriosis,and was diagnosed purely by my symptoms. I had surgery, then started on lupron and birth control pills after that.

I tried all the latest the medical field has to offer. Nothing helped the endometriosis symptoms. I continued to have pain and suffered side affects of the treatment. When my doctor wanted to add depression meds to counteract side affects, I said I'm done. No more, I wasn't going to continue taking drugs that didn't cure or stop pain.

I decided against conventional medical treatment. I started my quest to find what alternative treatments have been used to treat endometriosis.

I then found an amazing naturopathic doctor who also suffers from endometriosis. She helped me for 7 years in which I was at my best health ever. After 20 years with endometriosis I still have all my organs. Even though my first doctor 20 yrs ago said I would need a hysterectomy in a few years.

I have learned to listen to my body. No one knows it better than me. The endometriosis started to progress since my last surgery, so I sceptically looked into having another surgery.

My naturopath highly recommended a surgeon in Los Gatos, California. Not all surgeons are qualified even though they will tell you they treat endometriosis all the time.

So after 2 months of research I had surgery. Endometriosis was on my bowels, liver, blood vessels, arteries (pelvic) bladder, basically everywhere.

So the past 20 years I have refused traditional treatment, I have not cured endometriosis, but I have fought it and have the upper hand. I'm recovering from surgery and very positive about it that I have won the fight against endometriosis.

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