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3 weeks pain each month

by Heather M
(Oakland, Ia, USA)

I am 16 years old and I live with endometriosis pain quite often, even in school. It makes it hard to keep focussed on my work or concentrate in class. My friend tries to help me and is always worried. I believe I have noticed this for about two years or so.

I have gone to the Dr a few times and they all tell me the same thing, its digestion problems. Pft yeah right! They give me these Colon Health pills (I've taken about 3 or 4 differ medications so far, can't remember any of their names) and it helped me ZIP, none, not at all.

I haven't gone to the Dr. in a while now, I'm kind of tired of them anyway. They did blood work, but I think that was all normal I guess.

I feel like a lab rat whenever I go there because they are "guessing and checking." Well that's what it feels like and one doctor even said so too.

When I'm in school, a week sometimes 2 weeks before my period, it feels like my insides are being pealed like a banana or a dull knife is slowly stripping me layer by layer.

Talk about painful. But when it really hurts the most is 2-3 days before it starts and on the day it starts too. I have to take a Miodal to help the pain, but it does little good, though I'm greatful it helps just a little.

By the middle of the day I'm so tired I about/ sometimes do fall asleep in school (I'm also in a sport so that's also a reason why I'm so tired too). But none the less its EVERY MONTH.

In my 5th hour class for the last week I've cried because I don't understand what the teacher is saying and I hurt so much. My friend tries to comfort me the best he can, and yes it does help knowing I'm not alone, but I still hurt either way.

I thought this was normal, but then my Mom started going to the doctor for the same reason and she will sometimes ask me random questions about where/when I hurt.

Plus I have some of the same symptoms as her too. I'm not sure what all of her's is, I'm not even sure what's considered normal or the Endometriosis thing. Grrr I don't like hating things, but I HATE this.

I've asked Mom to get me on birth control to see if it would help me. So far I'm not on it yet so I don't know if it will help or not.



Title: I can relate

Hi, Hannah!

I'm 18...I was diagnosed at 16 with Endometriosis. My mom, grandmother, and a few aunts had it. I can honestly say it is one of the worst things that has happened to me. My mom had hysterectomy surgery two years ago to get everything removed. They say it's genetic, so I'm certain I have the same fate.

I had the same problems, too. I would cry in class, miss school, and nobody could understand or would try to help me. It would hurt so bad; I just wanted to stay home and sleep curled up on the couch.

I missed so much school, the teachers were worried. They wrote a note to my mom and she took me to an Obgyn. she felt around (ow!) and listened to my mom and me talk. Yes, I have Endometriosis.

We decided to try birth control for treatment. It basically stops you from ovulating, so it helps cut pain and saves your eggs until you want to get pregnant. I'm on Microgestin right now. It's a good low dosage of oestrogen. It's helped me. I used to have periods lasting for weeks... months, even.

I'm hypoglycaemic, so that didn't help at all. I would pass out all the time. It's definitely worth checking in to.

No, my pain isn't all gone. I'm still suffering from the same symptoms. It isn't as constant as it used to be, than God. I can go to school now and actually walk most days. But take this past week for example--it's been hell. I'm in some pain right now, not going to lie. But the birth control does help the bleeding. I only have 7 day periods. and, my skin is much clearer, too!

I hope everything works out for you sweetie. This stuff is no fun. Hang in there and get yourself to a doctor. The birth control for treatment will definitely help you--and if you want to have kids in the future, it will help protect your eggs. As a sufferer of endometriosis, there's a risk of infertility.

Let me know if you need someone to talk to. I'm here for you.

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