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23 years old in pain 6 months after hysterectomy

by Stormey
(Norman, Oklahoma)

Because of endometriosis at 15 years old, I had very heavy and painful periods. My doctor placed me on birth control pills to control the bleeding and pain due to cramps. Unfortunately I have allergic reactions to the pills and had to stop taking them shortly after starting.

The pain and bleeding immediately got worse after stopping the pills. I also had more systems arise, bloating, depression, painful urination, and painful bowel movements. I began seeing a specialist within months and by the time I was 16 I had my first Laparoscopic surgery which discovered I had a severe case of Endometriosis.

After my surgery I begin taking monthly hormone shots to induce menopause to prevent the return of the Endometriosis and 8 months later had my second surgery. The second surgery found no more of the endo cells and no new cysts.

I was so relieved even though the doctor warned me that after my surgeries it would be difficult for me to become pregnant, and even more difficult to carry a baby to term. After years of support from family and friends I had come to terms with the fact that I may never had kids.

Four years later I was back in pain and experiencing some of the same symptoms as before. I began seeing another doctor for treatment. This doctor tried a different kind of birth control pill that did begin to help but once again I started having allergic reactions to the pills.

Only 3 months after starting the pills I had to stop. The pain did not return for a couple months, but one day I got really sick, unable to hold down any food or even water. I was rushed to the hospital after collapsing at work.

Three hours after arriving at the hospital while being prepared for surgery the doctor came in and said they needed to run more test before beginning the surgery. An hour later he re-entered the hospital room and gave the news that I was pregnant. Later Sonogram proved that I was about 4 weeks pregnant.

My family and even my doctor wanted me to abort, I was 20 years old, single, and in no shape, medical or financial, to have a child. I wouldn't. I fought through my pregnancy, through months of sickness, multiple trips to the hospital, going into labor several times before my due date and having to have the labor stopped.

My daughter was born a month early, but is a healthy beautiful little girl with no health problems. My pain stopped after my daughter's birth.

But, a little over a year later I was back in pain and having all the same problems once again. Another new doctor, another Laproscopic surgery discovering more endometriosis and more cysts. After having the cysts and the endo removed I was perfectly healthy for 6 months then I started having pain AGAIN..

I was fed up with being in pain and having surgery after surgery. Me being in pain was starting to effect my daughter, it was so painful to have my little girl cry because her mommy couldn't pick her up and hold her. It tore me up inside to hurt my daughter. Not wanting to hurt my daughter any more I wanted to end the pain and have a hysterectomy.

At 23 years old I had a partial hysterectomy, leaving only one ovary. I had so much regret and fear that I made a mistake, but being able to hold my daughter again made me so happy I forgot about all the negative things.

I do fear that me not being able to have any more kids will effect my future relationships but I am happy as long as I am able to take care of my little girl.

My biggest fear now, is finding out that having my hysterectomy may not have ended my battle with endometriosis. I am having pains again. Lower back constantly aching, pain in my legs, stomach, chest, and even my shoulders, pain during urination, and pain during bowel movements.

I am scared, what if my problem is back, what if this is a never ending cycle of pain and suffering. How will this effect me physically and emotionally? And mostly how will this effect my little girl?

I think back and now that I know that a hysterectomy does not prevent my problem from returning, I WOULDN'T have had my surgery.

Am I destined to suffer for the rest of my life and regret the unnecessary surgery that changed me and my life forever?


Name: Anonymous

Title: Have you had a robotic surgery for endometriosis yet ?

There's a new method of surgery with a robotic machine called the divenchi ... they can actually burn out all the endometriosis and give you better results to keep it from coming back.

My surgeon Dr Michael Fields is one of the top 25 surgeons in the USA, his office is in Knoxville Tennessee .. if you are close to there look him up. Hope you get the help you need. Bless you.

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