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20 years old and miserable because of endometriosis

by Kalee Watson

I experienced an ovarian cyst burst March 1st, 2011. Since then I haven't been the same. I've always had terrible periods, lasting 7-10 days on average. After March 2011, my periods changed. (The change was slow, I recognized it then.)

I started having 16 day periods. My last period lasted 42 days. I am in so much pain, I'm so tired, I can't even think anymore. I have tried everything it seems. I've been to ER's, OB/GYNs, hospitals and no one can help me. I am 20 and they recommend high doses of birthcontrol then a hysterectomy. I refuse. I have been on 500 mg of VICODIN and it did nothing to me, didn't dull the pain or phase me at all. No medicines work.

I have been on the pill and nothing happened but depression and personality flip. Then I was put on Dep-Provera and it's a killer. I am on a double dose (2 viles) of the shot and it's made me sick.

My body can't handle much more. I am so sick I can barely function. I have no energy. Endometriosis is destroying me. I have changed my diet; I don't drink milk, I avoid fried foods, I don't eat pork, I eat red meats, I eat baked fish, I don't eat cheese, I eat raw veggies, I eat fruits, I drink LOTS of water. I exercise when I have the strength. I can't even function through college. I am exhausted.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis shortly after March 2011. Yet, with no real help from doctors, I am in a steady decline health-wise. I do not have normal periods. I have an endometrial mass on my right ovary. I feel my ovaries "move", I hurt all the time, I bleed old blood, I pass tissue!! (I passed a tissue large as a silver dollar and the doctors I contacted ignored me about it! They completely avoided my questions about it.

My school nurse believed it to be a part of my uterus-nothing was done to confirm that. My periods are not normal and doctors blow me off as being young and not knowing pain. I know pain!! I am tired of pain killers, that I hate taking anyway, and they don't work!

I am sick of doctors blowing this off. My current OB/GYN acknowledges this is not an ordinary case of Endometriosis, but I don't have insurance so it's impossible to get help.

I don't know what else to do. I can't get a job because of my college hours and i'm an out-of-state student. I take herbs and vitamins but I can't afford much. I changed diet and I exercise. Nothing is working. I'm so weak and drained I can't function. I hear the Laparoscopic surgery, will help, but will it? I've tried medicine after medicine. I need relief.

Endometriosis is controlling my life right now. I can't find any ease. The periods are intense, the time in between is painful, the nights are sleepless or restless. I am already small, God made me small, I'm under 100 LBs. (I currently weigh in at 95 LBs.)

I am so tired of Endometriosis. I want it more than eased, I want it erased. (Though I will settle for easing any day!!) I never imagined suffering like this. I can't describe how bad I feel and how bad this is. I know so many women understand. I know endometriosis this bad in someone so young is rarer, but not too rare. I just need support and help. Thanks for listening.


Name: Laykin

Title: Thank you

Thank you so much for posting this. I am 20 and had the same exact thing. I didn't even know what a cramp was until randomly at 3am I woke up to a horrible pain from a ruptured cyst in 2010. It took them 2 years to diagnose me with endometriosis. meanwhile it was spreading to my bowels and bladder.

I'm severely weak and like you, had to get a shot but I had the Lupron depo. Never again will I let a doctor put that poison into my body. I have had my appendix out, a colonoscopy, 2 laparoscopies, and over 15 ultrasounds between diagnosing, and nothing helping.

I'm so happy that I'm not suffering alone and that there ARE people who understand what's happening to me. All to often I hear "you don't LOOK sick", "is it THAT bad", "you're too young". As I'm sure you have also, but when someone who actually is going through it can tell you what they've been through, it makes me feel more sane.

Too many times I've become accustomed to thinking "maybe it is in my head" like others have suggested, but I know very well that I could never form this type of pain just by thinking about it.

My email address is Lrohr92@hotmail.com for anybody who needs someone to talk to or if you're in need or support with your endometriosis. I am very much in need of support in the state that I am currently in.

I wish you all the best of luck, fight like a girl, and don't let anybody tell you it's not real pain.

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