Reduced endometriosis with diet

After four surgeries and trying many different birth control pills to manage endometriosis, Debbie changed her diet and she got her energy and life back

This is Debbie’s success story…..


I was diagnosed two years ago at the age of 31. It was six years ago when they found my first cyst the size of a grapefruit on my left ovary. I am one of those unlucky ones who had pain 24/7. It was just a matter of measuring it on a scale from one to ten every morning when I woke up.


It was the removal of the third cyst and a different doctor who told me I had endometriosis.


I’ve had four surgeries in two years. It’s the only way they could control it and they also removed my left ovary (the troublemaker!), and severed a nerve on the underside of my uterus in the hopes of less pain.


Two months later it was back. The first surgery lasted about 6-7 months. Also, six different birth controls to try to minimize my cycle but I am one of those unlucky ones that just bleeds constantly. On the last one, I began feeling so much pain, it felt like labor, and I passed what turned out to be an endometrial polyp the size of a grapefruit.


Scared the daylights out of me! I cried to my husband that my woman parts were falling apart!


In the beginning of September, I stopped taking all birth control because on top of everything else, my hair was falling out in clumps! I was so depressed, hopeless, and full of the “why me?”. Intimacy was a dreaded act, because although I still desired my husband, that desire cost me even more pain than normal for about 2 days. Going to the washroom filled me with anxiety and fear.


Exercise was laughable. The worst part was the fatigue. My doctor told me that my body was constantly attacking these lesions, so it was normal for me to be tired ALL the time. He compared it to how you feel when you fight a flu, tired and worn out.


I started looking into herbal remedies and even made a visit to a doctor who practices traditional Chinese medicine. I am a hairdresser and I’m on my feet all day. Sometimes I was doing hair slightly bent over, trying so hard not to grimace with pain.


The funny thing with this disease is, YOU DON’T LOOK SICK.


Other than the huge bags under my eyes, no one could tell. I was sick and tired of lying when someone asked me  ‘how are you?’. The more research I’ve done, the more I realise that NUTRITION IS VITAL with this disease. I’ve started a nutritional regimen since the beginning of October, and my life has changed.


Inflammation is a huge issue with endometriosis, it makes or breaks your day. Soy is one of the best natural anti-inflammatories but it also mimics estrogen in the body so I thought for me, soy was out of the question. It has something called isoflavones in it which is the estrogen culprit.


My energy is back with full force and I am enjoying my family and work again. I was very sceptical to try it, but I was sick enough to give it a go. Thank God, I did. There is so many women who suffer daily in silence with this disease.


When I realised the effect this was having on me, I felt a responsibility to share. A responsibility. Why are doctors not promoting nutrition? Maybe not enough research has been done, or even they, like me, thought if surgery and drugs don’t help, what can?


There is NO CURE for this disease, only management. Only trial and error. Only hope for a normal life. Only determination to get through that painful day during a flare up with a fake smile. Smile through the hurt. Just smile and say, ‘I’m fine, how are you?’. Only a woman who has suffered with this disease can understand. Others can be compassionate, sympathetic, and supportive and that helps, but can they TRULY understand what you’re going through?


As an endo-sufferer, I can. I can challenge anyone, even my own doctor, whom I respect and trust dearly, to look into the power of absorbable nutrition.


Tell me it won’t work and I’ll ask why. Why didn’t the surgeries work? Why didn’t the hormones work? I believe nature has provided all of the ingredients to help our bodies function normally. It is up to the great minds in science to discover how and why and to share it.

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