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Pregnancy was best treatment for me

by Theresa

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis after dealing with severe abdominal pain for many months. A laparoscopy confirmed that I had severe endometriosis and adhesions.

The adhesions were dealt with and some of the endometriosis was removed. However, some of the endometriosis was around my bowel and therefore it was too dangerous to remove as would possibly incur other problems. I was then given Prostap 'false menopause' for 6 months which for me did very little to assist.

After having my child the endometriosis stayed away for a number of years. It was lovely not having abdominal pain once more. Unfortunately when my son was 4 and a half the endometriosis returned with a vengeance.

I collapsed from severe pain and eventually it was found that the endometriosis had formed on the end of my caesarean scar. Since then the pain has slowly but surely increased.

I am currently liaising with a gynae in the hope to try and find a resolution to the abdominal pain I am suffering.

Wish me luck!!


Name: Teresa C

Title: Not the original Theresa but wanted to share...

I saw your question about severe endometriosis and pregnancy and wanted to give you a little hope. I was first diagnosed with moderate endometriosis via laparascopy in February 2002. The Dr told me that it had most likely been growing since I started my period at 11 years old.

At the time of original diagnosis I had 3 children ..... all the while most likely having endometriosis. Fast forward to now, I had my second laparoscopy last Monday ....... severe endometriosis, absolutely everywhere according to my doctor ..... so it has been growing back for quite some time.

At this moment in time, I have 5 children .... my youngest ones are 2 and 3. Back to back pregnancies did nothing for my endometriosis. I got pregnant all on my own, without medical intervention, all while having severe endometriosis.

It can happen ..... don't lose hope. This is a terrible disease that we have .... and it can be depressing and debilitating at times but don't ever lose hope. Hang in there!

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