Pain symptoms more severe when stressed

by Ann
(Rocky Mount NC)

I had a hysterectomy but still in severe pain. Nothing helps except pain killers. Sometimes these do not work. My endometriosis has spread to my lungs and other parts of my body.

I just can't take it at times. I own my own business and some weeks I cannot work at all.

Ann Langley


Name: Jennifer

Title: Sorry to hear about your pain!!

I just want to say that I will be praying for you!! I to am in pain once again. I have had 3 surgeries in 6 months all to diagnose me of Endometriosis, and to have a full hysterectomy, everything including the tubes and ovaries!!

It seems like every 6-8 weeks following each surgery the pain would return. Each time worse than before the surgery!! I am also not taking any HRT; because it will just bring back the Endometriosis.

I have been eating really healthy; but now I am thinking that all the good food has estrogen in it and I believe my endo. has returned once again.
I have been having shooting pain down my right leg and it ends up putting my leg to sleep. I also have a prolapsed bladder and I think this could be part of the pain.

I am having trouble just getting the doctors to give me pain meds. He believes once the ovaries are gone than I am cured of Endometriosis. This is not true!!

I know it is hard to have this disease. I don't know what you are going through though; as I do not have it in my lungs. But try and stay positive, eat healthy, take a multi vitamin and possibly calcium supplement, find a good doctor who will listen to you and become educated.

I find that the more I know, the more the doctor will try and work with me. Unfortunately, nowadays we, as the patient, need to do the research ourselves!! I hope this helps you!
Sending you Hugs!!

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