Endometriosis story

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Life better after laparoscopy

by Amy Northcutt
(Nuevo, Ca)

Major evidence of endometriosis found during surgery.

I am a 40 year old marathoner runner & had been sick for 8 months. Very Sick. I thought I would die.

It started last year with me getting shingles. Then I had so much pain in my lower pelvic area especially on the left. I could eat & lost 20 pounds. I was near death.

I had colonoscopies, endoscopes, pelvic exams, biopsies, mri cat scans. All showed MINOR ovarian cysyts & fibroids. But each Dr said something different. I found 1 doctor who said I needed a hysterectomy.

I finally scheduled it & had to wait 2 months in severe pain. When I stood up it felt like my uterus would blow out. When they did a biopsy I screamed like I was having a baby.

The most frustrating part was most health professionals would say you have a cyst but it shouldn't hurt that bad. Anyway I had laparoscopy surgery monday 10-29 & I feel like 100 bucks.

The pathology came back - left ovary endometriosis, multiple paratubal cysts on both fallopian tubes, major fibroids mostly on left side, chronic inflamed cervix, & some other stuff I can't understand.

OMG no wonder I couldn't even walk. Now my doctor understands. See ladies we KNOW our bodies! Don't be pushed away. Its our life & we must fight for it!

I am one of the lucky ones because I have insurance. I wish everyone luck. The bottom line ENDOMETRIOSIS IS PAINFUL!!!!!!!!


Name: Anonymous

Title: Having a hysterectomy soon and I am very scared

Hi I am 40 and I have endometriosis too. Doctor thinks because I already have two kids and don't
want more, and because we tried the pill which didn't work, it is better to have a total
hysterectomy which is due next week.

I am not scared about the surgery, it is concern about the after-effects and the side effects, and about hormonal patch therapy. I cry every day because I don't want to gain weight.

I took a lot of time off work just to be where I am now. Every article says that no matter what,
you will gain weight, is this true?

Please help.

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