Endometriosis story

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Diet and excellent doctor have helped

by Anonymous

I have only been diagnosed with endometriosis for one year, but I have clearly been suffering from it my entire life.

While I used the pill for about 10 years, the minor relief it provided, in my case, did not counterbalance its negative effects. Therefore, I have been resistant to hormone treatments for my endometriosis.

My doctors put me on Ponstel, which has been very helpful. This pain medication helps relieve symptoms and reduces bleeding. However, Ponstel was not enough and I was also taking 800mg of Advil every 8 hours during my cycle, not a good long-term plan.

So I have tried to change my diet as a first step towards more enduring management of this condition. So far the anti-inflammatory diet has been very helpful. I have cut out most dairy (except for milk with my coffee) and almost entirely eliminated my consumption of red meat.

I rarely eat chicken and try to stick to fish (mostly Salmon) and other sources of protein like peanut butter, tofu and quinoa. I do eat eggs.

Finally, I recently had surgery to remove a polyp from my uterus. I am lucky to have an incredible, thorough obgyn. Although she explained that the polypectomy would not necessarily help with all endometriosis symptoms, I have felt much better since the surgery so I suspect that my significant diet changes, along with the surgery, have been factors in my improvement.

I still have a ways to go, ideally I should cut out dairy entirely, and am leaning towards becoming vegan altogether, but so far, this has worked for me.

I do hope my experience is helpful, I often feel isolated having this condition that, even most women, don't seem understand.


Title: Thank you for sharing your story

Name: Jules

It is so nice to hear of any treatment success stories. I will be trying the diet myself and reading the advice here at this website seems to be a good starting point.

My symptoms have been unbearable some months and like you, the pain meds hardly touched the problem.

I also get constipated when I use too many pain meds which then seems to make the symptoms worse. So hopefully I can treat both problems with good diet.

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