Endometriosis story

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Birth control pill best treatment

by Melissa
(Windsor, ON)

I am 35 and I was diagnosed with endometriosis about 5 yrs ago. I was experiencing the worst pain in my side every month when I started my period.

I went to my family doctor and multiple clinics complaining of this agony. One doctor said it was cramps, one said my uterus was tilted but I knew something was wrong.

I started my first period at 9yrs old so I knew this was not cramps. I went to another doctor, he said it was my gall bladder, so I had that taken out and that's when the gall bladder doctor found the endometriosis.

So my Gyno put me on seasonale birth control, which gives me four periods a year, so only have symptoms four times a year instead of twelve. This helps a lot and lots of aleve.

So the treatment that has worked best for my endometriosis is SEASONALE and ALEVE!!!!

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